Aug 8, 2012

Life is a little chaotic and disorganized...

because we have MOVED!


Last Tuesday we left the home that Hubby first bought right out of college, the home the we first met, the place where we had our first kiss, where we spent our first years of marriage, the home where we brought our newborn children to and where we shared many other memories. It was a bittersweet moment pulling out of the driveway one last time.

Our new home is in an older neighborhood is big trees and big lots. Which is exactly what we wanted. We're doing some work on the home to update it a little bit and make it more the style we like. But we LOVE our new neighborhood! And the boys are adjusting well to their new place. I can't wait to have everything painted and finished. I also can't wait to start going to bed before midnight, we're exhausted!


  1. WOW! Happy move! You're BRAVE to do it with two little guys in tow. Glad they're adjusting well.

  2. congrats on the move! :) can't wait to see pictures. moving is good - hard and good. I remember crying as I was vacuuming the house the last time as we were moving out...but unpacking is the BEST! I love finding new homes for things and making a place "ours"!
    best wishes for many happy memories in your new place!

  3. What an exciting time for you and your family! I know just how exhausting it can be; I used to move every year at one point in my life! Hope you get some rest real soon! I'm glad you are enjoying the new neighborhood and house :o)


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