Sep 10, 2012

My frustration with a darn elephant

While at Target a few days ago I decided to swing by the bathroom shower section to see if I could find something for the boys' bathroom. I fell in love with this cute little guy who happened to be on sale.


I also grabbed the tumblr, towels, toothbrush holder but decided to hold off on the $20 trashcan. (seriously?!! It's a small trashcan) Anyway I'm not a themed decorator typically but I really liked this theme. After lining the cart with all the accessories I realized I didn't have the shower curtain. I found a shower curtain that said "Circo Elepahant Shower Curtain" on it but the shower curtain itself had squirrels on it, not elephants. Seriously? Where are the elephants? I quickly googled and discovered what the shower curtain was suppose to look like and let me tell you, it didn't have a single squirrel on it. It was so cute! But our Target didn't have it. 


I went ahead and bought accessories and called around to a few local Targets to see if they had the "Circo Elephant Shower Curtain". One close by said they had it and that they would hold it for me. After dropping the boys off at home with my husband I loaded back up and drove to the other Target. At guest services the worker politely went back and retrieved the shower curtain. As she came around the corner I noticed it...again, SQUIRRELS! But the packaging clearly said "Circo Elephant Shower Curtain." 


I made a quick dash to the shower curtain section to see if they had the real thing. They didn't but all the squirrel shower curtains were packaged in the elephant packaging. 

While sitting in the parking lot I started calling all of the Targets within a 50 mile radius. They each said they had it but then when I told them to look at the actual shower curtain and not the packaging they realized that they didn't have it. 


Returning home empty handed, I did what any red blooded american would do... I checked ebay. Low and behold they had it!! I was just starting my happy dance when I noticed the price... $70. I kid you not. $70! A shower curtain that regularly cost $18 is being sold on Ebay for $70, they do throw in the shower curtain hooks. 

Needless to say I returned to Target the next day and made peace with the squirrel shower curtain. The squirrels and the elephants reside peacefully in the boys' bathroom. Can we say, first world problems. 

Edited to add: The shower curtain is more trees than squirrels and it has the same color scheme as the elephant set. Can't complain but it would still be nice to have the original shower curtain. :) 


  1. Oh lol, I would have been totally frustrated. That elephant is so cute though.

  2. Now I really want to go to Target and see if I can find the real elephant shower curtain. :)

  3. This happened to me too! I didn't get why it said "Elephant" on it when there was no elephants. Oh well- my kids bathroom is now a elephant and squirrel bathroom ;)


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