Dec 28, 2012


Hubby has two favorite things: Christmas and spoiling his wife (completely undeserved). This Christmas he out did himself again . Besides being home for 7 straight days he bought me the mother of all blenders....


Ok, this baby stayed in the box longer than I intended simply because it's so intimidating. We finally got it out and made an awesome smoothie! Now, in our house we eat a lot of smoothies. Almost on a daily basis. That alone excites me but this baby doesn't only make amazing smoothies. It can make soup, ice cream, flour, dips/spreads, sauces, batters, dressings, breads, alternatives to milk (almond and rice milk) and fondues. OH MY WORD!  There's nothing this thing can't do. You can add spinach and avocado to your ice cream and your little ones would never know! 

Our first smoothies had its usual fruit and spinach but this time we added two carrots and you couldn't even taste them. My boys (and husband) loved it! 

I am hoping to make this zucchini soup this week. Doesn't that look yummy? I don't know about you but it's time to get back on track with healthy eating and step away from the pie now that the holidays are over. Sugar detox anyone? 

This is such a great tool for people who love cooking and desire healthy eating/living. If you have any great recipes let me know! 


  1. How awesome is that!! Sounds like it's worth the investment. Enjoy all those healthy meals!

  2. It sounds like you got a vitamix? Those are awesome!


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