Aug 7, 2013

Real Food Diet Part 1

In my pregnancy announcement post I mentioned a new diet that we have been following since last April. It is this new diet lifestyle change that I contribute our surprise pregnancy. (and the Lord)

We have never gotten pregnant easily and were diagnosed as infertile before Luke was born. This pregnancy we got pregnant immediately after getting a few dates mixed up! It's still hard for me to believe how "easy" it was. ETA: Changing your diet may not help everyone who struggles with infertility. That is not what I am implying. I am sharing my story because I 100% believe that is what happened with us. There is tons of literature to back up this claim. And maybe there is someone out there who can benefit from hearing our real food story and how it affected our fertility. Food is not my Savior. But with the facts given I want to make better choices and take better care of the body and my family's bodies. Read "Real Food for mother and baby" pages 62 and 63

So what is this new diet? Let's be honest for a second, I don't like the word diet. For us it was a lifestyle change. We didn't change our way of eating so that we could lose weight but instead did it to achieve optimum health. One of the side effects of eating this way is it makes you feel amazing and it makes you fertile apparently.

We try to eat what is called the "traditional diet". A diet that has been eaten for centuries. We eat very little if any processed foods. (right now we are about 80/20) When shopping at the grocery store I almost never leave the produce section. We don't eat a lot of carbs either at least compared to what we were eating.

What is in the traditional diet?

  • raw milk and cream from pastured cows 
  • grass fed butter preferably raw
  • farm fresh eggs that are non-GMO, soy free, free range, and organic
  • grass fed beef 
  • organic, free range, non-gmo, soy free, chicken 
  • organic vegetables and fruits preferably local 
This is it in a nutshell. When we eat pasta we eat the field day brand that is non-gmo. We also eat a lot of fruit and vegetable smoothies. Our goals for eating are non-processed, non-gmo, organic and sugar free. We don't want our food to come out of a box!

I know the farms from which our beef, chicken, eggs and milk come from. As well as some of our vegetables and fruit. How cool is that?!

Is it more expensive to eat this way? The short answer is yes. But you will pay for it now or pay for it later in the way of illness. The typical american diet is making us sick and obese. And though you may not show signs of illness now, it will only be a matter of time. Our bodies were not made to run on processed foods. That's why we are tired all the time!

This information can be very overwhelming which is why I am breaking this down in to a 3 part series.

Come back for more resources!


  1. I'm not trying to be the "debbie downer" about your post, bc I truly believe that the "American Diet" has led to and, will lead to many health problems for our society. But, I think you need to be careful about claiming that your eating habits have absolutely resulted in a pregnancy. I know many people (myself included) that struggle with infertility and are on a healthy eating lifestyle and this has not impacted the ability to concieve naturally. Do I believe that food can impact infertility...YES, but it is not always the answer. I enjoy your blog, and I'm not trying to be negative. My Savior is not my food, my doctor, or children. My Savior is Jesus. And no amount of healthy eating is going to save me from my sins, or replace the blood shed on the cross. I do my best to eat healthy, and take care of the body God has blessed me with.

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I'm sorry if you felt like I was saying this will work for everyone or that this is the magic cure. I 100% believe the Lord used our choices in food to bless us with an unexpected surprise. Everyone's story is different and this is the one He gave us. Before we made this drastic change to our diet I would have said that we ate healthy. It wasn't until I started doing more research that I learned that was not the case. Industrialized meats are not healthy..which is what we were eating. And just because something says it's "organic" does not mean it is healthy.

      I'm sharing our story because friends, family, and blog readers have asked to hear it. And my hope is that it helps someone out there either to make better choices or if it's the Lord's will to help their fertility.

      I'm sorry for the pain you have experienced with fertility. I remember it all too well. I am thankful that you serve the one true God because I don't think there is any other way to get through it.

      There are several resources that back up my claim. One being in the book Real Food for mother and baby. pages 62 and 63

      Have a blessed week!

    2. Monica, I apologize that my post seemed negative. B/C I love that there are people like you who share their story in order to help others, and continue to serve the Lord in all the mess of life. I struggle sometimes with the deepest part of my heart that wants another child. I am lucky to be blessed with a healthy 7.5 year old boy, but would be lying if there wasn't an ache in my bones/heart for another child. Unfortunately my husband and I have suffered multiple losses along the way. I struggle with feeling content with the amazing blessing of one miracle child, and the deep ache for another. At times, the trusting God factor is hard to do. Thank you for sharing your heart and your life out there for everyone to see. I wish you would blog more, bc I truly do enjoy reading!

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  3. I cant wait to hear more. We are also trying to eat more whole foods and way less out of a box. I know I have noticed a huge difference. Less headaches, more energy, brain clarity! We were not meant to processed chemical fake foods!

  4. Oh I forgot to add, my sis in law has fertility issues. She notices a huge difference when eating this way, but she still needed fertility mess to conceive.

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