Nov 11, 2013

Mason's birth story

Mason, our third baby boy, was born October 2 at 11:52 pm. It's been a month, I'm behind on everything right now so I'm just now sitting down to write out his birth story. :)

I went in at 6 am to be induced and labor seemed to progress really slow. I was only 37 weeks when they induced me so I'm sure it's because my body was not ready for labor. But due to a grade 3 placenta and a platelet count that kept dropping they wanted to get him out.

The doctor broke my water at 7 am and allowed me to walk around the hospital to try and get labor going. But after several hours of that I had barely progressed to a 3. The doctor hooked up the pitocin to get labor going and after several hours  I still hadn't progressed. After a few hours on the pitocin I was needing an epidural. Hoping for some relief via the epidural I was really sad to discover that it only took on the front part of my body. I could still feel everything on the back part of my body which was where most of my labor was. I finally progressed to an 8 at 7  pm. My nurse was really excited and said she thought since this was my third baby I should have only an hour of labor left.

Well, it didn't happen that quickly (and I could feel the frustration from the nurses and my doctor. I wanted to scream "Hello people! Why are you frustrated? You're not the one sitting strapped to a bed feeling like your butt is about to explode. You can NOT complain!")  ..almost 5 hours later Mason made his appearance and I felt everything thanks to an epidural that didn't work the way it was suppose to.

It's one thing to want and expect a natural (painful) labor it's another to get an epidural expecting a pain-free labor and not get it. But as soon as he was out (only 15 minutes of pushing) the pain was gone and he was perfect. There is something magical about holding a newborn baby. The second he was placed in my arms I forgot about the crazy whirlwind pregnancy and all the fears I had, had. And became wrapped up in the moment of getting to know my new son. We think he looks so much like little man when he was born. He is already showing signs of having super sensitive skin and possibly allergies like his older brother.

His big brothers love him although Cohen has had to have a little time of adjustment. Which is to be expected when you're the no longer the baby. Life with three has been an adjustment for me as well. Life has really had to slow down in the since we can't just load up and go somewhere anymore. But in the same since we are even busier than I ever thought we could be. (and so much more tired) 

We are so thankful for this little guy! 


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