Dec 20, 2013

The Dark Side of Christmas

What is your favorite memory of Christmas, growing up? Is it the stockings hung from fireplace mantel? What about the decorating of the Christmas tree? Gathering around Christmas day and hearing the story of Jesus' birth?

When I was young I loved all these things. I loved Christmas.

But then I grew up..

The holidays can be a wonderful time spent with family. It can be a time of thankfulness. A time of worship. But it can also be overshadowed by family turmoil. Throughout the year you can somewhat get away with pushing family sin and junk under the rug but for some reason Thanksgiving and Christmas is when it seems to all rear its ugly head. Maybe it's Satan trying to steal away God's glory or maybe the Lord is using it as a time of sifting. Either way the Lord is in control.

God can use anything... a brother home from prison, a sister that left her husband and family, a selfish cousin that refuses to participate in the big family Christmas because the location of the party wasn't where they wanted it or how they wanted it, an overbearing mom that's wants control in every detail related to Christmas,  an alcoholic dad that spends Christmas passed out on the couch, or an angry spouse that causes everyone to walk on egg shells. The list could go on and on.

But one promise that we should remember is that God uses things that man intended for evil for a greater good. Hold on to that promise if this Christmas is not ideal. If it is filled with family arguing and hurt. God is the great healer of emotional wounds and will ultimately find a way to use it for His greater glory.

According to Isaiah 9:6 He is the Wonderful Counselor, the Prince of Peace and the Mighty God.

The Prince of Peace... this one is my favorite. Don't we all long for peace during the holidays? If you're the one that is causing the turmoil can I ask that you seek forgiveness and reconciliation with those family members? Make this Christmas not about you but Him. What do you think God would have you do? We serve a big God and He can move greatly among families and friends to restore relationships.

Praying that your holidays are filled with peace even in the midst of a storm. Love y'all!


  1. Beautifully said! Hope you and your sweet family has a wonderful Christmas!

  2. I have read your all the content and i am so happy to find beautiful info about christmas.


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