Jul 13, 2009

3 things you didn't know about me

My husband proposed to me in Maui while we were on vacation with his family. We were walking on the beach and we came upon a message in the bottle. (obviously staged by him) The message said a lot of great things but my favorite was "will you marry me?" We then met up with the rest of his family for dinner. When walking up to the table I saw my sister and close friend sitting there who had not come with us on the trip. My hubby had flown them out to hawaii to celebrate as a surprise for me!

I had my first car accident when I was 12. I hit the only tree in the middle of a pasture. That was a long time ago I have since sharpened my driving skills. :) Man, I wish I had a picture to show you. (When you grow up in the country you start driving young and no one was hurt in this accident.)

I LOVE to dance!

It's blog hop time ...I can't wait to read what everyone else has to share!

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  1. Ha! Ha! That's awesome that you love to dance. Me too but I lack the rhythm (unless it's coreographed).

  2. Glad you didn't get hurt in the car accident and can continue to dance ! Happy Hopping.

  3. Awwww What a sweet way to propose! Lucky girl you!

  4. Poppin'over from Brown Couch Events

    and Comfort Joy Designs


    You are invited to my Stella & Dot Jewelry Party happening all week at Comfort Joy Designs! Hope to see you there!

  5. you had to be the one to find the tree LOL

  6. That was so incredibly sweet!!
    What a great memory!

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Blog Hoppin to say Hello! What a sweet engagement story!

  8. Leavin' you a Blog Hoppin' "howdy" :) What a sweet little boy you have - there are just too many of us mommies with angel-babies, don't you think?

  9. LOL I can't dance without embarrassing myself!

    Just doin' the Blog Hop this afternoon.

  10. Nice to meet you! I'm visiting from this week's Blog Hop. :) Wow -- driving at 12? I didn't start driving until 17 -- now I feel old!

    On August 1, I'll be hosting a new meme called Small World Saturday. I hope that you'll join the fun!

  11. Just blog hopping to say hi! What a romantic engagement story!

  12. Hi! I'm at the Hop today and stopped by to get to know you better. I hope that you'll find the time to visit me, too!

  13. That was such a romantic proposal..Way to go hubby! I love the look of your blog, very classy :)

  14. Just blog hoppin! Very neat about the engagement! My husband proposed to me in Bonaire! :)

    Good stuff.

    Melanie :)

  15. Just hopping by to say Hi and visit your list!


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