Jul 12, 2009

food and birthdays

Everyone in the blogging world knows mckmama. She recently gave a recipe for spinach pancakes and this morning before church I made a batch. My husband was unsure about the creation. To be honest next time I probably won't add as many of the ingredients. I may just throw the spinach in the pancake mix and nothing else. I will let you know how that turns out.

My husband loves to cook and he loves to create new recipes. He made the most amazing pita bread creation yesterday! I will share the ingredients in a different post. We have been switching over to organic produce and meat for the past 2 years. We also changed certain eating habits that we had before we were married. You won't find "snack" food in our house. The only things we try to snack on is fruit and veggies. My weakness is chic-fil-a. But we are probably going on a tropical vacation soon and I am back in diet mode and I'm determined to lose the little baby weight I have left. Chic-fil-a can't be on the menu. Because of my miscarriage I didn't work out at all this pregnancy. I was scared I'd do something to cause another one. So I am out of shape! I haven't ran in 10 months. I use to be a gym junkie and I can't wait to get my work out routine going again. I go to the doctor tomorrow to get all of that ok'd.

If you saw my tweet from today, today is hubby's birthday. We went to his family's house and celebrated. Which was an event in itself to get down there. Little man was having a hard morning. He cried so much this morning that hubby thought surely he was sick. Little man isn't sick but for whatever reason just having an off day. Here is hubby's birthday cake that was from little man.

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