Aug 12, 2009

the beauty of imperfection

Today after Scott was finished with work we went to the beach. It was way too cold for swimming! But we enjoyed seeing the beauty of it and taking a few pictures. It was Luke's first time to see the ocean. Our friend Jeff was the one that took this picture. Afterwards we headed to dinner and enjoyed good conversation. My camera died shortly after these pictures.

One might look at the above picture and think this didn't turn out. I'm not looking at the camera and neither is little man. But I love this picture because it's not "perfect". I have a genuine smile because I am finding joy at seeing my son and I am finding comfort in being next to my hubby. Little man is mesmerized by the ocean and although it is loud, windy, and some what frightening for a baby. Little man is not scared for he is finding safety in the arms of his dad. Yes I love the beauty of imperfection!



  1. Hey I took that imperfect picture like that on purpose, to inspire you of course. Last picture of Scott and Luke is great.

  2. That last picture of Scott and Luke needs to be printed and hung in his office! its good


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