Aug 10, 2009

trying to make it feel like home

Here is our hotel we are staying at. It has a full kitchen! That will come in handy. I have unpacked mine and little man's bag. Hubby likes to do his own. While I was unpacking I smelled little man's shampoo and it was really strong! Well yo know what that means. Shampoo opened and spilled every where in my suitcase....great. Now I have no pjs.

Little man had a hard day. I'm sure it's because of the time change and the changes in his schedule but hopefully he'll sleep all night tonight and he'll be better. That's what we're praying for!

Ok, now for a confession. I'm a little embarrassed by this but everybody has their quirks. I have a hard time feeling at ease in a hotel. Today I tried to get everything put away to make it feel more cozy but the fact that hundreds of people have slept in the bed, showered in the shower, and spit in the sink after brushing their teeth creeps me out. It's a germ phobia thing that has gotten worse the older I get. Is that weird? I can't be the only person out there that feels this way.

Scott just walked through the door with dinner! I'm so glad he's "home".

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