Sep 24, 2009

California Baby

Favorite things Thursday is where I share with you the things I enjoy for baby and for myself. ;) You can click on the icon on the right to see past posts.


Today I want to share with you the shampoo/wash we use on little man. It's from the company California Baby. Today toxins are in almost everything we use. By using this shampoo/wash at least the toxins are lower than in most baby products. (I am working on a post to explain what that means in more detail) It doesn't have the smell that you are probably use to with Johnson's but I like the smell of it! This one contains tea tree and lavender. It has really helped with his cradle cap. (again, another post I'm working on)


Enjoy your Thursday!


  1. With my girls I bought into the J&J spiel and we had cradle cap issues as well as excema with my middle daughter. When I was pg with James I knew I wanted to follow the natural bandwagon that I had found when dealing with the excema. We have used Bert's Bees, Arbonne and California baby and have not had the cradle cap or skin issues. I totally agree with you and will never go back again.

  2. I couldn't try this on my daughter because she was allergic to lavender! :( I searched and searched for a totally toxin-free soap to use on her because I have so many skin problems I wanted to start her off on the right foot. Then to find out she was allergic to lavender... Bummer! I finally found one though. Earth Mama Angel Baby products aren't just mostly toxin-free, they are totally toxin-free and their baby wash had no lavender! Woohoo!
    Don't you just love finding what you're looking for and it works for your baby too? ;)

  3. Mirage that's so great that you found something that works! California baby also has a fragrance free wash.


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