Sep 23, 2009

Sara and the Necklace

I will leave the "Praying for Sara" button up for a while because I believe we still need to be praying for her family. I can't even imagine what their family is going through. And once everything sinks in with Brady, that his wife won't be coming home I pray that he is flooded with peace and love! Most of the posts on their blog were written by Brady but this one was written by Sara. Her love for the Lord is evident in her words. Her life and death had an impact on people all over the world, including myself. I am reminded that we are never promised tomorrow.

And on a different note. I have been waiting for this in the mail and it is finally here!! I had seen other women wear similar necklaces while hubby and I were trying.  I now have a little one that I can wear the necklace for! They are handmade by a woman in Texas. She is so sweet and great to work with! I love how it turned out. Do you remember this picture? I now can have it with me all the time!




Hubby has been away on business and comes home today! I always miss him when he is gone. :(


  1. Hi Monica.....

    I got your comment yesterday and wasn't sure who you were talking about. I have so many Sara's that I know out here I didn't know which one you meant when you said you saw my name on Sara's blog. I'm so sorry to learn about this tragic turn of events. I can't imagine the enormous loss this must be to her husband, child, and family.

    She will be in our prayers and thoughts. I'm so grateful for her that she was able to to do the thing we, as mothers, would do over anything else; give our chilren life even if it costs us our own. What a beautiful legacy she leaves behind and thank you for bringing this situation to our attention.

  2. Thank you so much. I will put her button up. I still can't believe it happened so quickly. We will definitely continue to pray for Sara and Chloe. I'll probably put the button on my main blog because more people read it, I think.


  3. That is SUCH a beautiful necklace! And a cute baby too! ;)

  4. I'm so sorry i got your comment so late...i had already heard that Sara passed away and was so saddened. Maybe you can make a button for her foundation, since they're asking for donations in lieu of flowers?
    Thank you for the comment, I will be posting the button on my main sidebar soon :)


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