Sep 3, 2009

Favorite Things Thursday


Favorite things Thurdsay is back! I am really trying not to just do baby things but since that's the stage we're in that's what it's turning into. I will try to post something more adult next week. :) Today I have one of the Avent pacifiers. I perfer that my little man suck on a pacifier than his hands. A Dr. once told me that kids that suck on their hands or fingers are more likely to get sick and it's harder to break them of the habit. Little man doesn't always take the pacifier and has recently "found" his hands but I keep encouraging him to take the pacifier. The reason I like this pacifier is because it's not as "loud" as some pacifiers can be with colors, cartoon characters etc. I also like that when it's not in the baby's mouth you can put a protective cover on it....genuis!

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