Sep 2, 2009

Note to self:

  • Pushing a fully loaded grocery cart with kiddos using only one hand is an art form and with practice will be mastered.
  • Why am I so insistent on trying to unload all the groceries, kids, diaper bags, purse, and everything else in one trip. It's not going to happen! but I will break my back trying
  • The days of singing to Rob Thomas, Goo Goo Dolls, and anything else other than children's music in the car are long gone. So go ahead and embrace veggie tales and sing with reckless abandon to the "Belly Button" song. 
  • Before I leave the house I really must ask myself, "Do I really need to go to such and such store?" Because you know it's going to take 20 minutes alone to get everyone unloaded and loaded.  
  • After doing several loads of laundry the other day the thought actually crossed my mind. "What if I just wore the same thing everyday? Then there wouldn't be quite so much laundry to do" It was just a thought.....I would never actually do this..... or would I :)
  • If I actually get to go out with friends, take the oppurtunity to get really dressed up. Even if we are just meeting at chick-fil-a. I will be the cutest one there and I never know when I will get another chance to wear my cute dresses and heels.( My current profession doesn't allow for the cute dresses.)
  • Goldfish aren't just for kids
  • It may not be a bad idea to bring an extra t-shirt along when I go out. Saturday I was peed on, spit up on and a little snot to go with it. 
  • Remind Caden (who is two) that chalk does not go in the dog's bottom. 
  • Learn to not sweat the small stuff. (Like the dog eating the sidewalk chalk you just bought!!) Grrr!

This was before I chased the dog around the yard trying to get the chalk back. I finally gave up and let her eat it.

(this is caden.... the little guy that stays at my house during the day)

Enjoy your wednesday!

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