Oct 31, 2009


If you missed the previous post I am away from my computer and have handed the blog over to a few guest bloggers. My idea was to have someone everyday but I ended up running out of time. 

Angie is a blogging friend that started following my blog not long after little man was born. She is a sister in Christ and has always been encouraging with her words. I enjoy reading her blog Ponder the Path of Thy Feet. 

Here is her post:

When Monica contacted me and asked me to be a guest blogger I was so honored by her request that she would want "my words" on her blog. Me, a humble housewife/homeschooler of six warriors for Christ. Then fear encompassed my heart- " Oh my what was I going to write about or say?" As I prayed, I realized that the best thing to write about is the very thing that the Lord is dealing with me on.
May my words bring Glory to Our Lord Jesus.
Read 1 Peter 3:1-6
In the very beginning Peter addresses the wives reminding us on how the order should be in our homes,subjecting our will/flesh to our husbands. What a statement he then says that by subjecting, our husband may be won for Christ through our subjection and how we speak to them. There are many women who sit in this very place, whose husband are not believers, what a joyous thing to win his heart for the Lord by your subjection. OH!!! Let it be Lord!!
Ok- moving on, here come the instruction on how to be "subjective" through meekness and a quiet spirit. What does that mean?
What does meekness mean?
Meekness- in Greek is the word "Praus" which mean - gentle, positive moral quality of dealing with people in a kind manner, consideration
Through our meekness to our husbands we deal with him in a gentle and with consideration.
What is a quiet spirit?
Quiet Spirit in Greek is the word "Pneuma" which means heart, mind, the inner person that responds to God with meekness as we act we will find ourselves in a place where all we do is done with and thru the Spirit. This "quiet spirit" is not truly meaning we are to be silent,but having a heart, mind, and spirit that is open to God's voice.
Today women are strong and independent in need of NO man to take care of them, but in that strength we also find the inability to be subjective to our husbands or the inability to adorn ourselves with these characteristics "which is in the sight of God of GREAT price." All the things that we adorn ourselves with externally are things  that can break relationships and in God's eyes have NO value, but these things of the heart and spirit have an eternal value far greater in God's eyes.
Whose "eyes" are you looking to please more?
I had a dear sweet sister in Christ say to me once; "It takes much more strength to be submissive, then it does not to be." It is so true. These spiritual things do not come naturally to us, but if we want to live for Christ, then we must obey His Word.
How many of you deal harshly with your husband?(but yet sweet to strangers)
For those who know me, they would say I am honest, straight forward, far from timid or shy, strong woman.(correct me dear sisters-who know me- if I am wrong I am sure they could add a few more adjectives in there.) As I have sought the face of God he has shown me that through my subjection to my beloved I honor him as my leader, but most of all I honor Jesus, who is my Savior.
Dear Ones- let us not miss the mark by making excuses, no man is worthy, ONLY Christ is worthy! God's desire for us is for us to be close to HIM, but we all must see that we must seek His face and "OBEY" His Word. Including the ones taht are difficult or that we do not understand. 
Seek Him for understanding and ask for His Holy Spirit to move in your life.
Thank you Lord for this word, may we seek you for wisdom and understanding! In Jesus Name- Amen
Thank you Monica for this opportunity!
May our Lord Jesus be glorified. Have a great vacation! See you when you get back-
Angie Sellers

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