Nov 1, 2009

5 months

Today you are 5 months old.
Weight- 14.2
Head-  50%
Weight - 25%
Height - 50%

  • You are rolling over from your stomach to back. You did this a lot when you itty bitty but then quit and are now doing it again.
  • You finally have a little bit of hair. It's blond so it's hard to see. 
  • You will walk if we hold your hands but you've been doing this since 3 months. 
  • Your smile can light up a room.
  • You are officially a thumb sucker.
  • We started you on solids this month. 
  • You didn't like rice cereal but you love carrots and sweet potatoes.
  • When Caden is over you love to watch him and laugh. You will soon be able to play with him.
  • You have a favorite blanket that you sleep with every night. 
  • That blanket was given to you by your great-great uncle who is currently battling cancer.
  • Uncle Brad babysat you for a few hours BY HIMSELF for the first time.
  • You love your grandpa!
  •  You find certain things funny and it is absolutely the most cutest thing when you start laughing.
  • You went on another airplane ride, this one was much longer and you did awesome!!
  • Your gums are swollen, and you are chewing on everything in sight. Maybe you will have a tooth soon!
  • We went to the pumpkin patch for the first time. Grandma nene went with us along with aunt mady.
  • We took our first family Christmas picture. 
  • For the first time you ran a small fever. But we think that was due to teething.
  • At night right before daddy and mommy go to bed I will sneak into your room, pick you up and rock you. You are such a heavy sleeper at night that you don't wake up.  It's my favorite part of the day. I pray for you and thank the Lord for you!! I am so glad that the Lord gave me the honor of being your mommy. 
  • Sadly you still cry from 5-7 every evening. Sometimes we both cry at that time....
  • We love you so much and are so incredibly proud of you. 


  1. He is so very precious! Love that color tone and blurred background! What do you use, photoshop?


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