Nov 3, 2009

Is your husband being left in the dust

Today another friend I have met through blogging will be sharing a post with us. Traci is the author of Ordinary Inspirations. I love how her writing is encouraging and challenging. She is a sincere person who loves the Lord. 

Here is Traci's post:

The danger of blogging, or for ministering to ladies in any capacity, is that we find more joy in it, than in our husbands.

Do you find yourself giving all your time, energy, words of affirmation and encouragement to others; leaving your husband in the dust?

If you don't, then great! That is awesome; but if you have to think, even for a second, well, maybe I do; sometimes, perhaps?Then please heed the warning in this post.

As you gazed into your soon to be husband's eyes, in front of God and all those people, you repeated those words of love and devotion;

"in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad..."

I don't remember the following stipulation: "as long as blogging, ladies retreats, facebook, twittering, going out with my friend for coffee, you fill in the blank ________" got in the way. Do you?

In a technology-driven age, could it possibly, just maybe, be used as a device of the evil one, to tear marriages apart?

Now Traci, aren't you going a little overboard? I say no, for this reason:

because, I've seen it in my husband's eyes; and the Lord is speaking to me about this.

When I choose to sit on the computer, writing that all important postemail, facebook message, over spending time with him; his spirit is crushed.

The bible says that the devil roars about like a lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8); but he is subtle, oh so subtle; he has been known to appear as an angel of light! (2 Cor. 11:14)

Be careful, my dear friends
, that we do not let our"ministry to other women" (which is oh so very important) leave our dear husbands in the dust.

Everything should be done decently and in order; remembering what our priority is, even above ministering to other women.

It is respecting our Husbands! How do we show them respect?

Let us remember, what they NEED from us:

:: Our affirmation
:: Our honor
:: Our devotion
:: Our attention
:: Our cheering
:: Our compliments (physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, relationally)
:: Our need for their help (for they love to solve and fix things)
:: Our admiration
:: Our time
:: Our attention
:: Our BEST!

I know what you are thinking.... I'm not super-women! By the end of the day I have given all my attention/affection/time away to kids, house work, blogging, you name it!

How could I possibly do all those things, AND, by the way, you don't know my husband!

2 Things:

#1) God does not call us to be super-women, but super-dependent upon Him. (Phil. 4:13)
#2) You chose (most likely) to marry Him, so do your very best each day, to show respect and honor to him.

This may mean turning down a great opportunity to go out with a lady, read another "best-seller", write that "all important post", send that vital email, going on that ladies retreat, or twittering your LIFE!"

Your life is right in front of youhe is waiting for your attention.

HE is vitally important. All the other stuff can wait.

Have you been leaving him in the dust laity? I have been guilty of it, I know I have.

If so, brush off the dirt. It may mean turning off the TV, the computer, the phone; and spending time with your hubby.

Ephesians25:22: Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
Ephesians 33b: and the wife see that she reverence her husband.


  1. Would I be able to take this post and post it on my blog? Very, very good post! Thanks.

  2. so very true, been thinking this myself, trying to sort things lately.

  3. It's definetly hard to balance it all..and yes, I should be paying more attention to Le Big Mann..

    Great Post!!!!

  4. wow...thanks i needed that more you know.

  5. Hit a little too close to home. I will now be shutting off my computer until I get home from work and hubby is already in bed.

  6. Where did you get the artwork that's used on your blog button?


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