Nov 16, 2009

Photography tutorial 2

In the last photography tutorial we talked about point and shoot cameras. My point of that tutorial was that you don't have to spend the extra $$ on a SLR to get a good picture. Taking a good picture is about knowledge and skill. I'm going to first attempt to answer one of the questions that was asked on that post. What is a DSLR? (digital single lens reflex) It has a different processing system than a point and shoot. When the shutter button is pushed there is a mirror inside that flips out of the way to reveal the sensor. With SLRs you have a faster shutter speed, the ability to change lenses, more manual settings, and a higher image quality. This is the SLR  I used before buying my professional camera. We also have a canon point and shoot. (that is currently out of commission because hubby accidentally broke it)

Ok, now onto manual settings. Some P&S have manual settings and some don't. Be sure to grab your manual to see if yours does. I don't want to overwhelm you with information, so we'll talk about one thing at a time.

First lets discuss ISO. ISO is how sensitive the camera is to light. In most SLRs your ISO can range from 100-1600. In P&S it can be 100-800. When you are inside you want a higher ISO and when you are outside you want a lower ISO. But know that the higher the ISO the more "noise" you will see in your photograph. (it will appear grainier) I usually have the ISO at 800 when inside and sometimes I have to go higher if I am away from a good light source. Outside depending on if I am in shade about 400 and if I am in direct sunlight 100. The ISO also affects the shutter speed but we'll discuss that later.

The ISO is just one of the eqation. It can not produce a good picture by itself. We will later dive into shutter speed and aperture. You need all three working together to get the picture you want.


  1. I enjoy the tutorials. I am hoping you do more on settings, if so...a suggestion. It may be helpful, to me at lest, if you include a few photos, and tell what conditions they were taken under, ie. outside, cloudy, etc. Then tell what settings you used. Thanks!

  2. This is great! I have an SLR but I really don't know how to use it at all. Keep them coming! I'm always using the auto settings... shame.

  3. Arizona mamma there are pictures in the last tutorial and there will be pictures in the next one. This one got left out.:(

    Thanks for your input!


  4. I really enjoy your tutorials, keep them coming! I would love to get a Canon 50D...maybe next year hubby says!

    What editing software do you use?

  5. I'm curious to know what your pro camera is. I have the xsi now too!


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