Nov 16, 2009


I am hosting my first photography contest! 

Rules and how to enter:

  • To enter you must be a follower of Pixel Perfect on the right sidebar.
  • You can enter a picture of something or someone that means a lot to you. It can be outside or inside. There's a lot of freedom to allow you to be creative. I reserve the right to not post pictures that I feel are not appropriate.
  • You have to be the one that took the picture. Not your husband, kids, or anyone else.
  • Email me your picture at pixelperfectblog(at)gmail(dot)com 
  • Put "photography contest" in the subject line. 
  • If you want me to link back to your blog, be sure to have your blog address in the email!! 
  • You don't have to but give your photo a caption! 
  • You can only enter one picture.
  • I can only ship to (continental) US addresses only. 
The contest starts today and your entry must be emailed to me by November 30. I will narrow it down to my three favorite and then let you vote for the winner!

The prize?? You get a photo of your choosing (doesn't have to be the one you entered) to become a 8x10 gallery wrap! ($75 value) *The photo you choose should be digital and be taken with a 6 mega pixel camera or higher.  Below is an example of a gallery wrap.


I will have the pictures posted on their own page and will put them up as I receive them. This is so fun and can't wait to see your creativity!! Tweet, blog, facebook and whatever means you can to tell others about the contest. One of the best ways to further your photography skill is by seeing photographs taken from others.

Now I leave you with a picture from one of my shoots this weekend. Believe me...she's even cuter in person!!



  1. So excited! How many photos can you enter? [or did I miss that part in the post?]

  2. This is great! Can't wait for Braedon to wake up so I can start snapping!!! I would love to email some pics I have and just get your feedback on them sometime. I have a P&S for now until I can save the rest of the $$$ for my DSLR. My P&S doesn't have a fast shutter speed so it gets in the way. lol

  3. Great question you can only enter one picture. I will make sure that's clear in the post.

  4. Will you edit the picture? or do we send in our edits?

  5. I will not be editing the pictures. You send them in in the condition you wish them to be judged. I will post them just as they are. :)

  6. I am so excited. My husband and I just got a new camera today. I am very excited to find a great shot. I have a really good subject to work with, too, my 11 month old son!

  7. O THis is exciting!!! Time to get busy and shoot shoot shoot! :) Can't wait to see what everyone is taking photos of. What fun!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am super excited about finding yours! I just emailed you my entry!

  9. look forward to seeing the entries!

  10. Thanks for the ISO information. I have a canon P&S and always get confused about that setting...although I think my pictures always seem grainy when using the manual setting. I must be doing something wrong.

    Is your contest only for US shipping addresses?

  11. Marilyn that's a good question. I'm going to have to say yes. Only for US shipping addresses.

  12. Marilyn if you have family in the states that it can be mailed to...that would work.

  13. No such luck. All of my family are Canadian or British. Not a worry - I'll be happy to watch.

  14. I love that hat in the last picture! I want it! Such a cutie!!

  15. Oh yay.. I love seeing everyones photos!

  16. Monica-
    I realized yesterday in your tweet u having a photo contest. i was hoping i had not missed it. I had not! Praise the Lord.

    have a blessed day

  17. sorry that went under my husband's name


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