Jan 7, 2010

Baby sign

I have shared with you all before that there is a little boy that stays at my house during the day. He is now two and was 3 months when I started watching him. At about 4 months I started showing him signs for different words. Including "more" "all done" and "milk". At 9 months he signed "more" for the first time! It made life so much easier when he could share with me before he could talk what he wanted. He learned all sorts of words and still knows it to this day but he uses his words now.

I did the same with little man. He signed "milk" this morning for the first time at 7 months!! I'm so proud of him! Here's a great book on signing. They have videos but I'm not big on babies/kids watching TV. (everyone has their own opinion)

Have you tried teaching your babies sign language?


  1. I started to with my little guy but I stopped. Honestly, now I wish I had so he could communicate with me better. He seems to be coming up with his own signs though...
    That is so great that Little Man signed "milk"! What a smart little boy!!

  2. I am so interested in starting signing with Caleb. At what age did you begin?

  3. When it was apparent that my son Jayce had a speech delay at 18 months, we tried signing with him. It was kind of odd that he learned the word instead and never did copy us on the sign! He didn't catch on to non-verbal imitation until he was 27 months old. Now we know this was part of the autism.

    But if I have another baby, I do want to try baby signs :)

  4. We stared signing with Grace and Faith when they were about 4 months old. I love it. My girls love it. Still to this day they ask me signs to different things like "lights on" and if I don't know it...I look it up.

    I'm with you on the vidoes/T.V. My girls don't watch T.V. at all. I have a few different signing books that I learn from, then teach them. It's wonderful.

    And such exciting news :)

  5. I started signing to him when he was 4 months old. You can start teaching them at any age! They learn it and know it before they ever have the coordination to actually do it. But it's so rewarding when they do!

  6. I did it with my fifth because she didn't talk very fast and just screamed. I just four or five basic ones that a friend taught me. I wish I would have done it with the others! Signing for more is much nicer than screaming!

  7. This wasn't so big when my girls were little. We never signed with Brit. Rachel we did a sign or two but she talked in sentances at 9 months so it wasn't so neccesary. With James it was so helpful as he was little. I also use it with the kids I watch. It has really helped with this new lil guy I have since he grunts not talks for things at age 2. The signing has helped both here at at home for him. More, please, thank you, milk, cookie/cracker just a few really fun ones

  8. I didn't do it with my two girls when they were babies, but did with my son. He started signing milk right around 6 1/2 months, I think. It was great to know what he wanted (more, milk, finished). We didn't much past those 3 signs. I wish I would have been more "up" on signing when my girls were babies.

  9. I had every intention of signing with my daughter, but time got away from us and we never did. Luckily, she has really good verbal skills already and is great at telling me what she needs even at 15 months, but I still wish I could have taught her that invaluable "second" language from the start!

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  10. We did!
    We started with our daughter around 6 months, and just when it seemed futile, she signed "stars" for the gerber puffs at about 8-9 months. She also learned milk, more, done, help (that was awesome!) and eat.
    Now she knows "fish" for goldfish, please and thank you. but now that she's using words more we are backing off on the signs because we can understand her.
    I totally think that it helped to reduce her frustration when trying to "talk" to us. It was easy because we just waited until we knew she wanted something then signed it three times before giving it to her. we repeated it to her a few times and it stuck! You can't teach them things they don't care about, though- like please and thank you- till they're older. It seemed she only "got" words that were for things that mattered to HER!!

  11. Oh yes! My degree is actually in deaf education & elementary education, so I sign well. My babies have all signed from very early on. I love how they can use it to communicate with me while they are still so tiny! I also think it's a great way for them to correlate spoken words with meanings.

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  13. Melissa- what a great question and great post idea! Do you have any specific questions that I could answer in the post?


  14. yes, we started signing with our first baby, who is now 14 years old. We were just very lucky at that time to take a parenting class that suggested this, this was before babysigns books starting appearing at the bookstores. Lets see,we did please and more, those were the first...and very handy! Then we did 'all done' and 'stop' (handy as they got older, I got stop them from doing something like taking too many cookies off a table...from across the room!) and milk, and cookie. I think that was all. Of course we thought she was a genius!

  15. I used signing time to teach Noah sign- we watched it together. It was wonderful-
    by the time he was 4 months he was signing things, six months communicating fully, a year speaking in full sentences, and now he talks like grow up, and he is only 3 years old.

    Signing was the best thing I could ever do to help him communicate- and it worked!

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