Mar 17, 2010

All in a day's work :part two

*Caden is a two year old that I watch during the week days.


Oh, no PLEASE no!!!

I look at my husband that was sitting across from me and he was covered in vomit. It was all over his nice work clothes!

Then again!


Little man was projectile vomiting the bottle he just had.

Hubby panicked.

I have been faced with a few emergency situations before and I have an erie  way of remaining calm. Why was an infant vomiting an emergency situation? If you've missed what's been going on in the last month you can catch up on little man's hospital stays and surgery because of vomiting here , here , and here.

It was a big deal.

I had never seen so much vomit. He literally threw up all 8oz of his bottle. Afterwards his body became lifeless and lethargic.

I looked hubby in the eye "Here are the keys take him out to the vehicle and I will clean everything up."

Hubby wiped little man's face and out the door they went.

I got up and started wiping the seat down with napkins. There was a puddle on the floor, it was all over the  seat and there was a trail behind hubby walking.

While wiping it up I felt every emotion possible. Anger, overwhelming sadness, and utter confusion. I was having some words with God. I was fighting back tears as I could feel "the lump" in my throat.

Are we really dealing with this again. Please God no. He can't go through that again.

I got the food to go, grabbed my purse, and held Caden's hand as we walked out the door.

Hubby had cleaned up little man the best he could and I was on the phone with our Dr.'s office who couldn't be reached because it was their lunch break.

We all loaded up. Hubby went back to work to get his computer to work from home.

I was still fighting back tears as I drove home.

Once home I bathed little man, rocked him and put him down for a nap.

Hubby got home and now we had to wait till our Dr.'s office opened up.

We prayed.

Little man had surgery just a month ago to fix this issue. Please not again.

Once I got a hold of the office they informed me that my Dr. was gone for spring break. I would have to see another Dr. in the practice that was not familiar with little man's medical history.  We made the appointment. I sat down and wrote everything out....everything. I wanted to be prepared to answer any questions.

Caden's parents came and picked him up and we got ready to go.

Hubby loaded up little man.


Extra set of clothes....check

my purse...check

diaper bag.........

Where's the DIAPER BAG?!

Hubby started franticly looking around the house.

No where to be found.

"Do you think we left it at the restaurant?" I asked really not wanting that to be the answer

"I will call them" replied hubby

On our way to the Dr. he called and sure enough we had left it at the restaurant. I was just thankful that it was still there and someone didn't take off with it.

At the Dr.'s appointment. She could tell that we were really concerned and we weren't leaving till we had answers.

She checked his ears and came to the conclusion that he had a double ear infection. She thinks that because the ear infections are so severe and because he is congested that is what induced the vomiting.

We breathed a little sigh of relief as we loaded back in the vehicle and headed to the neighboring town to retrieve our diaper bag.

Little man had a hard time getting to sleep that evening but ended up sleeping through the night. I'm so thankful that it isn't anything worse. Now anytime we see vomit we immediately think the worst.

If you've made it this far through the story thanks for taking the time to read all of it! Little man is doing better with his ear infections but still fighting them.

*Remember tomorrow is the before/after  blog hop! See you all then!


  1. Sorry to hear he's had so many medical troubles :(

    I've clicked onto your blog a few times and just wanted to say that I think your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I've recently become interested in photography and am trying to learn everything I can about it! I really love the soft, but focused look your photos have. (And the hat your son is wearing on the sidebar picture!!!)

  2. It is not pleasant when your little ones are sick especially when they can't tell you what is wrong. I'm glad that it was nothing serious and that he is feeling better.

  3. What a nightmare! I'm glad it's not related to his prior issues though. Hopefully the meds will help his ear infections. My oldest daughter had those frequently when she was younger and they were NOT fun. I always felt so bad for her, you could tell she was miserable.

  4. I can only imagine how that would make you worry!

    We had a 'bout with spinal meningitis with our oldest and for a loong time any head ache or sore neck caused worry!

    I hope his ear infection clears up fast! He'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. phew! what a relief it's not worse than an ear infection.

    Conner has been sick since Thanksgiving! i've seen enough vomit, snot, mucus poop, fevers, chills, sleepless nights & ear infections in this little person to last me a good 5-10 years.

    prayers for a speedy recovery!

  6. I'm so glad it was *just* an ear infection, and not related to little man's surgery! Anytime Paddy gets sick, we immediately think it's related to his heart (or more specifically the blood clot he developed after his surgery)! I hope he feels better soon!

  7. That sounds like you had a really horrible day! I am flad he is doing better. your pictures on your blog are so artistic and neat!

  8. What a rough day. Praying for you all and hoping that Little Man feels ALL better very soon!

  9. Man oh man what a time you have had with his tummy issues. So glad that it was his ears though. Not that it is good he had an ear infection but better than possibly facing another surgery right.
    A breather from the stressful times is much needed for both you and hubby. hugs from one mom to another, I know how easy it is for the mind to go there.

  10. Wow, what a rough day.
    I'm so glad that Little Man is okay. I was reading fast to find out the ending because I was worried he might have the vomiting problem again. I can understand how you would think the worst. That is the hard part of being parents.

  11. Oh my gosh! How horrible! I'm so glad he's doing better, even though he's still dealing with it. What a little fighter you have! I hope you are doing well too through all of this mess!

  12. Poor little baby! :( Sounds like you guys have been through alot!

  13. Oh poor guy! He must feel miserable. Heres to thinking of the best.

  14. So happy to hear that it wasn't Little Man's stomach again. I can't imagine the emotions going through your mine at that point. Hope he gets to feeling better soon! Those ear infections are no fun :) Praying for your sweet little boy!

  15. I'm glad it wasn't too bad for little man. Ear infections can be no fun! If he was dizzy at all it could have set off the vomiting. Hugs to all! :0)

  16. Oh man...he has had a rough go of it these past months. So sorry!

  17. That stinks that your son has double ear infections, but fortunately it's not a recurrence of what he had surgery to fix before. I hope he gets better soon!


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