Mar 16, 2010

All in a day's work

Yesterday was quite eventful! I had to make a babies 'r us run in a neighboring town. I loaded everyone up and off we went. I knew it was getting close to little man's feeding time but I decided I'd feed him after we left the store. We got to the store and I unloaded everyone. I knew exactly what I was going in for so I knew it'd be quick. I go to the spot to get the product and it wasn't there. (great!) That's ok I will just run and ask someone real quick where it is.

After aimlessly pushing the cart around 10 minutes looking for someone that worked there I gave up.

"Where are the people that work here!!"

 I happen to come across the item as I was heading back up front. They had moved it.

"Awesome! Now we can go."

"Monta I smell something" declared the two year old.

"He's right I smell something too"

"Caden is it you?" I really hoped it wasn't! He was in his big boy underwear and that would have opened a whole other can of worms.

"No Monta it's little man" (He actually used his name)

 I leaned forward towards little man and sure enough we had found the culprit!

Ok, I was NOT going to change little man in this store. It is disgusting and there was no way I could stop the two year old from touching everything while I changed little man and bringing home a virus of some sort.

It was passed little man's feeding time by this point and he was getting fussy. So I quickly headed to check out!

While checking out my sweet hubby called me.

"What are you guys doing?" he asked

"Well, I'm trying to check out at babies r' us." I replied fumbling for my debit card, grabbing the pen out of Caden's hand, handing little man his blankie and trying to listen to the cashier as she gave her spill on batteries and signing up for a babies r' us card credit card.

"No thanks" I replied to her

"Oh, cool you're close to my new office! Why don't we all have lunch?" he asked

"Ok. Can I call you back after I get finished here?"


I finish paying hoping no one will smell the foul smell coming from inside the cart.

I manage to get everyone buckled in and call my husband back. We arranged for plans to meet at a restaurant down the road. I decide I will change little man there.

We pull into the very busy restaurant. Which makes parking a nightmare in our BIG vehicle.

As I am pulling little man out I realize he had a blow out.

"Nice, I don't have extra clothes because today was laundry day for him and I was just going to make a quick trip to the store!!"

The thought of going into a public restroom to change my son while a two year old tries to touch everything is so gross to me. I opted to change little man in the vehicle. So I made his bottle and he fed himself while I changed him.

I'm not going to was BAD!

I had to use every wipee in the box! I normally can get away with using one! I will leave out other details...let's just say that we have leather which made clean up easier. Yes, I used sanitizing wipes. (for the seat not his bottom) :)

It only got on his jeans. So after I cleaned him up and he finished eating I put him back in his car seat. I decided to just use his blanket to cover his legs. It wasn't cold out but I couldn't let anyone see that my child was only half dressed!

We head inside to hopefully get a booth.

"YAY!" there was one left! We grabbed it and sat down to wait on hubby.

It was right around that time that caden declared he needed to go potty!

I can't leave all the stuff here. I'd have to carry everything in the restroom. So I kept saying lets wait till hubby gets here and then we'll go.

 "Sweetie, try to hold it." I begged. Which, he did what any two year old would do and took what I said literally.

I realize that's a lot to ask of a two year old that's only been in big boy underwear exclusively for two weeks. But I thought I'd try.

Hubby finally got there. Minutes seem like an eternity when you have a potty training two year old that needed to GO!

Before I whisked caden to the restroom I leaned into hubby's ear.

"Don't take little man out of his car seat or remove the blanket"

"Why" he asked really confused.

"I'll have to explain when I get back"

Caden made it to the restroom. After he went, we cleaned up and grabbed our food.

We were having great conversations, eating a great lunch, and laughing.

All of a sudden I heard a "splat" and hubby screamed!!

"What in the world?" I thought

To be continued.....tomorrow!


  1. Oh my.... "splat" by itself is horrifying, but "splat" plus hubby screaming... I am afraid you're gonna need a Hazmat suit! Eek!

  2. Oh no...this isnt going to end well! Hah! Our oldest had a major blowout when he was little. It was so bad we had to hose off the carseat with a waterhose outside.

  3. Oh no! To be continued?! You can't do this to me! lol I can only imagine..wowza!

  4. Texas- HAHAHA! I can't even imagine!!! A water! I haven't had that happen yet!

  5. I HATE when my daughter need to use the bathroom while we are out! She's only two so there is no holding it (for very long) and my one year old is OBSESSED with the toilet! While I'm helping Coralee, he ends up crawling all around the bathroom floor and climbing up onto the toilet at times splashing n the toilet....yuck! I can say though, that I've gotten over my fear of germs in public bathrooms, if he hasn't gotten sick from it yet, I don't know how you could.

  6. Oh wow....we've had those experiences. Fortunately we didn't have a two year old with us so it was somewhat easier. "Splat" all by itself sounds dangerous, especially after the morning you had already had. Can't wait to read the rest.

  7. Wow, what far. :) I can't wait to read the rest!

  8. Oh no! I can only imagine what the splat was!

  9. I can only imagine what happened next...maybe I oldest had legendary blowouts regularly, to the point that she'd go and I'd have seconds to wisk her to the changing table to contain it, we had those little waterproof pads on all her seats...

    poor you, I remember those days, seasons do change, just hold on!

  10. Oh my! And who is Caden? Don't know who he is...someone you watch? Waiting for part two with baited breathe.

  11. I think all mommies can relate. I have definitely had my share of those days. Hang in there!


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