Mar 20, 2010

bridal shower

Last saturday I was one of the hostesses of a shower for a dear friend of mine. She is very "country" and so was the decor. It turned out beautiful with her kitchen colors integrated throughout and the attention paid to every detail. I thoroughly regret not getting a picture with the other hostesses. But close to the end of the shower my camera started acting funny and I about had a heart attack!



There of course was plenty of food!


We played games such as "The Price is Right" game. You had to guess the price of each grocery product without going over.

Then there was "Spice it up". Where you had to guess the spice by smelling each one. One of the youngest girls there won that game. She was only 18!!!



There was also a Pampered Chef consultant there to take orders for ourselves and for the guest of honor.

It was a lot of fun and I got to spend some time with people that I don't get to see that often.


  1. I love the vibrant colors!
    Those are really good shower ideas! I've seen the price is right game before but not the spice game.

  2. LOVE the pictures--the colors are so awesome. :-)

  3. How fun!!

    I wonder how good I would be at the spice game...

    must remember that next time a friend gets married! = )

  4. Love the bright colors! It looks like a ton of fun, nice how you combined shower with Pampered Chef! Brilliant!

  5. Thanks for posting the pics seeing as I forgot my camera:( Once did a fantastic job of photo taking.


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