Mar 24, 2010

Crock pot does the body good.

Working Mommy Wednesday

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I'm not a big fan of cooking, in fact it's the one chore I despise. I love baking but cooking is a different story. So when I give a recipe (unless it's my husband's) you can almost guarantee it's easy. Here's one we had monday night and boy it was GOOD!!


2lb pork tenderloin
3 tablespoons of minced garlic
3 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 pack of dry onion soup mix
1 cup of water
fresh ground pepper to taste
little bit of salt

Place all the ingredients in the crock pot and let it cook for 5 hours on low.  I served it with mashed potatoes and asparagus but you do whatever your little heart desires.

It's sooo good and easy!!!

Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe?


  1. I cook A LOT in the crock pot. It's so easy to just throw a bunch of stuff in there & let it cook all day.

    Yours looks yummy!

  2. LOVE the crock pot! Sounds & looks amazing!

  3. THAT does sound easy! Gotta love crock pot cooking!

    check out my easy recipe (the only one I have posted, LOL!)

  4. I've got an easy one for you. We call it "Continetal Chicken".
    Take 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, wrap each in 2 pieces of bacon, put in crockpot. Mix together 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, and a 12 oz tub of sour cream add a little bit of milk. Pour over chicken and bacon. Cook in crock pot for 5+ hours. When its done we serve the sauce over noodles. Easy and delicious.

  5. LOVE crock pot recipes.
    here's one:
    chicken cacciatore
    ingredients: 4 boneless chicken breasts, 1 can tomato sauce, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 sliced onion, 1tbsp parsley, 1tsp basil, 1 tsp oregano, dash salt and pepper. Mix sauce, tomatoes, and herbs in a bowl. Place onion slices in bottom of crockpot, then chicken, then pour sauce mixture over chicken. Cook low for 8 hrs or high for 4 hrs. Serve over noodles (egg noodles are the best).

    Easy and yummy!! :)

  6. Mmmm looks scrumptious! I just remembered that I never gave you the chicken recipes. I will have to get them out to soon. Sorry. :-)

  7. Love the crock pot!!! I don't use it as often as I would like, I might have to try this one looks good! Thanks!

  8. Julia & I used 30 minute recipes for our Working Mommy Wednesday meme today. You should come over and link up :-)

  9. That sounds so amazing! Thanks for sharing... so easy and so delicious. Right up my ally!

  10. my favorite is a recent one i've found...its on my blog a few months back...called mexican roast... but i just found this blog ...
    and she has a zillion recipes!! i've been sorting through them and pulling out new ones to try. its just too easy in the crockpot!!

  11. this sounds so yummy thanks for sharing

  12. love crock pot meals, I 'll have to try this one.

    my dh's favorite is when I coat porkchops in a flour/dry onion soup mix then put in the crockpot with a can of chicken and rice soup. Very good!

  13. Hi Monica,
    Just started to follow your blog. I am not very keen on cooking either.. but you got to eat so, I try to find some easy recipes. I really like the photographs at your blog, nice!

  14. This looks delish!! I'll have to try that...once we get moved and I get my crock pot out of the box. :)

  15. that does look good. i love using my crock pot because it is EASY! :)


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