Mar 5, 2010

Technology isn't what it used to be! Thank goodness....

I LOVE old, vintage, antique cameras. I want a big collection of them...seriously! (if you have any laying around that you aren't using...let me know) :)

I pulled one out and let Caden who is two play with it.

He immediately knew what to do. Put it up to his eye and even had his finger on the right button without me telling him where it was! 

He said "Say cheese!" I obliged with a smile.

He pulled the camera away from his face to see the picture.

But where is the LCD screen?!

With a confused look he said "Where the picture Monta?"

Aww..the luxury kids are use to these days. Let me share with you what cameras use to be like wee one. Back when I was little we had to wait at least a week to find out what our pictures looked like. HA! So glad technology has evolved!


  1. LOL me too!! I love having my screen right there so I can see my photo. I think about how many rolls of film have been wasted in the past because we couldn't see the picture before we paid to have it printed! Haha...cute photos, as always :)

  2. Ahhh, I remember the days before LCD screens. Wonder what they will come up with next and some day your kids will say, LCD screens are so outdated!

  3. I have two old cameras that I use as decoration and love! I want more too!! I look at yard sales, junk stores anywhere I can!! LOL!!

    My daughter likes to imitate me with her camera that she got for Christmas last year!! So stinkin cute!!

  4. Cool post! I have an old Nikon that was my Grandfather's. I'm going to do a post on it, too. I wanted to take some pictures with it first. It looks really complicated. Makes my DSLR look easy to use!! :)

  5. I have and old minolta and an old MOVIE camera!

  6. I LOVE this! I have an old Movie camera too...and I am jealous of your carpet.

  7. My husband has 3 or 4 35mm cameras laying around the house. He also has 2 or 3 medium format cameras. Can't remember what kind they are.

    My kids are stunned to learn that we didn't have iPod's, Nintendo ds games, cell phones, etc when we were their age. They asked my hubby one day if he had TV when he was little.... he's not that old! Funny!

  8. I love vintage Camera as well! I have a kodak 35 RF and a Argus C-3!
    kael loves to look through my view finder while I take the picture!

    I love how your little guy just assumes there will be a picture to view instantly.

    When Kael turns two, I might get him that kid digital camera, I think you can get them from toys r us!

  9. What a cutie! Poor kiddo's don't know what it's like not to have that instant satisfaction digi cam's bring!

    I love antique and vintage camera's too, and I want to start my own collection one day!

  10. I am so happy with the way camera technology has come too! These are great pictures.

  11. My kids asked me what a film cannister was the other day!! :)

  12. Ha! Film canisters, that's so funny, we still have lots of those lying around. I wish I could take all of my negatives from years past and somehow magically upload them to my computer. Technology sure has made memories easy to share. Your son is just adorable with that camera.

  13. Oh the memories! In a way it was all about the excitment of waiting to see the developed pictures, right? Well, I think we should take our children down memory lane ever so often. What about days before DVDs. Our boys only know what a VHS is because we still have an old player.

    I saw your link on my blog frogger. Thanks for popping over to see me. I like your blog and hope to come over to see more of your pictures.

    Dani Joy

  14. I highlighted this post on my Friday Post Shout Out Week 3 today! Check it out!


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