Mar 10, 2010


Today is my wedding anniversary! I am so blessed to have such a faithful husband and father.

Last weekend was very busy. The photography business is picking up now that it is much warmer.

This weekend I am one of the hostesses for my friends shower.

I have known this friend for almost 19 years.

Wow! 19 years is a long time!

My husband is a pilot. Not as a profession but just for fun.

He is a fantastic pilot but there's something uneasy knowing he is thousands of feet off the ground.

My husband's office recently moved closer to the town we live in.

His commute is no longer an hour each way!!!

I feel guilty for not putting more photography tutorials up. But I have no idea what you guys want to know!

I have two younger sisters.

I am the oldest of my siblings and my husband is the youngest.

My husband and I are getting the itch to go to Europe again.

I am so ready for summer but in the middle of the three digit heat waves I will be crying for fall.

Little man has gained all of his weight back and then some!

My skin has been terrible lately.

I still sleep in a t-shirt I slept in when I was in Jr. High.

WOW...that was a long time ago.

I need to edit more photos.

Here is one from a recent shoot.



  1. That's a lot going on! Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'd love to go to South America! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I'm so ready for summer to!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Love the picture from your sweet. :)

  5. Wow! Happy anniversary!

  6. My daughter just saw that photo and said "hey look it's me!" She must think every photo of a little girl is her...not sure why she would think such a thing :)
    Happy anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your "today" sounds busy.
    Warmer weather is an understatement for me. This week we went from low 60's to mid to high 70's. Florida has such drastic weather. Time for a pedicure.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. i would love more tutuorials!
    any tips/tricks on shooting babies.. newborn - toddler age would help me. also, i need to know more about light. finding the light, using the light, natural light, etc. haha
    and how about a good explanation of metering.. i dont get spot metering at all!

  9. Happy Anniversary!

    I love these kinds of posts... just a simple release of what is on the mind :-)

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    That is a gorgeous photo!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Just found you through B.F. And I'm definitely coming back to learn more about photography. I got a much-improved camera and there are so many capabilities to it, I don't know where to start!


  12. Happy Anniversary and may you have many more wonderful years together. I enjoy seeing your photography. I'm not much of a portrait photographer but have done it on occasion. I like more landscape/outdoors work, but not much money in that. But it's fun and I love to share my work. Thus the blog! Happy Days! :0)

  13. Happy Anniversary! May you have many more. Glad to hear your little man is doing well.

  14. Happy Anniversary, Monica! March is a nice month to get married. :) My parents, my hubby's parents, and we got married in the first couple of weeks in March.

    I hope many more happy anniversaries come your way soon!! And Woot to Little Man on gaining weight!! And I'm with you, girl, on the skin being bad right now. I'm suffering from a massive case of peely nose.

  15. Happy Anniversary!! I love the photo. Too adorable!

  16. Happy Anniversary!! Hope it was fantastic :)

  17. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! That picture is gorgeous of course. Love the update!



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