Apr 24, 2010

Getting to know you

Today we are getting to know Liz from A Belle, A Bean, and A Chicago Dog.

How long have you been married? 
I've been married to my (slightly-shorter) husband for 8 years (it'll be 9 this August).  
How many children do you have? ages?
We have 2 girls, a 4 year old and a 20 month old.
Are you a stay at home mom or a work at home mom?
I currently stay at home, but did work out of our home (consulted for my old job) the first year of my oldest's life.
Do you have any hobbies?
I grew up playing sports and studying dance.  Nowadays I have gotten back to running, and have enjoyed gardening (both flowers and veggies) during the past few years.
What is you best memory you have of your family?
I can't think of just one time, but will say that once our youngest got to the point of walking/interacting more, we felt like we could do more things that all 4 of us enjoy and can take part in, as opposed 3 of us plus a baby.
What is your favorite family vacation?
Our first official family vaca is occuring as you read this!  We are in sunny FL, visiting Shamu and the Mouse's House.  I'll let you know all about it when we get home.
What are some ways you practice frugality?
We have a family budget, for starters.  We also are big believers in cash as opposed to credit, so I think that alone keeps us living more of a frugal lifestyle.
What is your most embarrassing moment?
Oh, goodness! - I don't know!  I know there are plenty, but I really can't think of any in particular.  I'm a pretty straight-forward and honest person, so I'll laugh at myself and call myself out when I say or do something embarassing.  
What surprised you the most about marriage?
Hmmm...almost 9 years into it, and I still need to think about that answer.  You know how when an old married couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary is asked how they've stayed married that long, and they'll answer something like, "You need to be best friends with your spouse to survive for the long haul"?  I think that statement is so incredibly true!  When you are dating, then engaged, then newly married, everything is all rainbows and butterflies.  But then life happens and the reality is you and your spouse have to have something so much deeper to maintain a good, healthy marriage. 
What surprised you the most about being a mom?
I would say the intensity of feelings.  You don't know true fear or worry until becoming a mom, and you also don't know true joy or elation until becoming a mom.
What is the hardest part about being a mom for you?
For me, it was dealing with an infant.  Hands down.  Give me a kid past the age of 1, preferably 18 months+, and I could have 10 of my own.  
What is the most rewarding part?
Everything else beyond infancy!  Ha, ha!  I have been enjoying the preschool years much more than infancy or toddlerhood.  I really love when you can see their little brains in motion, and they are learning all about the world around them.
How long have you been blogging?
I started in late 2008 in order to share glimpses of our lives with friends and family.  We live states away from everyone, so we're pretty much on our own.  It was about 6 weeks ago that I took my first steps beyond my little family blog and joined a few blog communities.  And that's when a whole new world opened to me!   
What is your reason for blogging?
Now that I've started taking my blogging a bit more seriously (please see above), I feel like it's a chance for me, as a SAHM, to "use my brain".  There's a certain satisfaction to working outside of the home that you just don't get when you are home with the kids 24/7.  Now, I'm not complaining; just saying it's a different world. 
Can you leave us a link of your  favorite post from your blog?

Be sure to head over to Liz's blog to check it out!


  1. i love Liz!!! she is such a great bloggy friend and we share the same love of old cell phones! ;)

    great feature!

  2. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Monica!

  3. Liz is one of my favorite bloggers! She is just such a sweet, funny..and smart...oh and cute person!! Fun reading more about her!


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