Apr 26, 2010

Ramblings of a SAHM

*I went two days without getting on the computer. It was an unexpected absence because hubby surprised me by taking off work on Friday to get some home renovations done. With what we were doing everything had to be put away or covered in plastic.

*We are not finished yet and my home is still in shambles. I'm trying to to stress out about the mess because it is totally my personality to do so. :)

*We had to stay in a hotel Friday night.

*I had to work some magic from one of my recent sessions. We didn't get to take one of the shots they wanted because it started raining. Which means I had to create it from the pictures I had. Yes it took me an hour to create that one picture!

*The maternity session I had this weekend was so much fun! The little girl was beautiful and full of personality! She's very excited about becoming a big sister!

*Saturday I took little man to see his great-grandma. We haven't been there since he became mobile. He was in everything!!

*Little man is now walking behind his toys.

*My brother-in-law who lost his job and has struggled finding one (recession) has a job interview today. Would you pray for him and his family? With seven children and a wife to care for I couldn't imagine the stress that he's under. But their faith through this trial has been such a testimony of God's sovereignty to other's around them.


  1. I have a recently graduated from college son that is having a hard time finding a job...but he is single with no dependents. I cannot imagine the stress of being unemployed with a family to support. I will keep him in my prayers.

    Congrats on having a mobile child...buckle up your life will never be the same, lol! Kim

  2. Hope you're ready for a mobile child! LOL! Your whole world is about to be turned upside down. But how fun it is!

    Praying for your BIL!

  3. Oh boy, you're about to have fun, lol. Lock up the cabinets, it's Little Man!

    Praying for your BIL. We've managed to stay afloat in this financial freakout, but only with our noses out of the water. I can relate to some of the stress, but we only have 3 kids, not 7. God has plans. Hallelujah!


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