Apr 4, 2010

I am not worthy

I am not worthy to have a relationship with the King of Kings.

I am a sinner.

Have I every lied? Yes.

Have I ever been unloving? Yes.

Have I ever been disrespectful to my husband? YES!

*For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God...

So if I am not worthy how can I boast of a life with Him?

Because Christ paid the price for my sin.

*I am saved by grace (not by works, there is nothing I can do to earn my way to heaven) through faith. Salvation is a gift to anyone that asks! To anyone that believes!

Your life, your heart can be transformed into a new creation!

Your marriages can be saved, your addictions broken, your hearts softened, forgiveness granted, relationships restored, and all done through Him for His glory!

Where do you find yourself today? Do you know Him? Do you want to know Him?

I LOVE that God laid on so many friends and other blog authors to post this video!

Do you know Him?


  1. Beautiful post, Monica! Happy Easter to you!

  2. Beautiful and poignant. Thanks for sharing.
    He is risen!

  3. He has risen indeed! The knowledge of his sacrafice I have always had, the understanding is new. I know the only thing we can do is be the best we can be and that he has saved us from ourselves. We are worthy because of him

  4. Beautiful post...and yes, I do know Him!

  5. How beautiful!! Thank you sooo very much for sharing this. We know him and invite him into our home daily. Blessings to you and your family this Easter season.

  6. This is ridiculously awesome. I just shared this on my facebook. Thanks for posting this.


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