May 26, 2010

How I told him Part: 2

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What on earth could I say

"Is all of that candy?" he asked

Ok I didn't want him to think that I spent $40 on candy!

"Oh, no. I had to buy kleenexes and I was running out of "girly" things."

That's it men always get uncomfortable when you talk about "girly" things.

He didn't question me any further and off I went to get little man up and moving.

That was close. 

I was getting little man ready when hubby walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

From the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth I heard..

"Monica did you take a pregnancy test?"

What, how did he know? 

"Nooo, why?" still trying to keep it a surprise.

"There's a wrapper in the drawer. It was sitting right next to my toothbrush"

OH, NO! When trying to get rid of the evidence in such a hurry I put the wrapper in the drawer. I honestly don't even remember putting it in the drawer, I was in such a hurry. I just knew I couldn't put it in the trash can because there was no other trash in there and I was afraid he'd see it. But the DRAWER what was I thinking?! Pregnancy brain was already in full swing!

"That must be from a past test." I said.


That's it I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it any longer. 

I went in little man's closet and pulled out his "Big Bro" shirt I had bought in early December when I was pregnant with my last pregnancy. (yes before a big blogger announced it the same way) I put it on him and walked into the bedroom.

He looked at little man and was confused. He thought maybe I just needed to do laundry.

So I went into the bathroom and got the test and let little man hand it to daddy.

Hubby was so excited and over come with emotion.

"Is this real? Really?" with a big smile on his face!

Yes, I can't fake the pregnant word on the test.

"Yes, yes this is real and this is why I spent $40 at CVS"

He hugged me and we prayed that the Lord would bless us with a healthy baby in 9 months.

I have yet to give hubby a big surprise. Oh well, there's always next time. ;)


  1. hehe this is just too cute! I can picture you running around trying to be sneaky but not outright lying to your hubby! Congrats on the pregnancy! Prayers for healthy 9 months!

  2. haha! Awesome! I could totally see my husband doing the exact same thing. Why did you spend this much at a CVS? the questions....use that as a learning lesson to have husband NEVER question purchases again if he doesn't want the surprise busted. :) hahahahahaha...ok, maybe I will use that one. :) hahahaha. LOVE the story. Just prayed that your baby will be SUPER healthy and grow strong friend.

  3. crying. crying. crying.
    SO happy for you!
    And definitely praying.

  4. Too cute!! So excited for you!

  5. HA! What a fun story. The "big brother" shirt is very popular. That's how I told my man he was about to be a daddy again. But his reaction was a little "off." When I asked him why he wasn't jumping up and down, he said, "well, I had hoped we have to have a little more fun for a few more months." Nice, huh? Funny how our perspectives are different. :)

  6. This is SUCH a great post! :) I never really managed to do anything creative either, grandparents too. Once I tried something subtle and he totally didn't get it!

  7. That is so sweet and cute! I love it! Congratulations and God bless you guys! :-)

  8. This was so fun to read! That was good thinking to say "girly things" when he asked you what you bought because that is really not lying. :) Only GIRLS can take those tests. hehe
    I have seen another blogger use a "Big Brother" shirt to announce a new baby. It's not just from the bigger blogger, I'm sure lots of people do it. I'll probably do that too when I am expecting again some day. It's fun and you can show the picture without having to have any words in the post.

  9. Sweet! I am so happy for you all and pray for you guys often. :)

  10. what a happy ending! I loved reading it, Monica!

  11. How exciting! I know he was thrilled! Hope you're feeling great as well!


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