May 25, 2010

How I told him

My husband expressed to me way before we had a child that he wanted to be told we were pregnant in a creative way. (He proposed to me in Maui it's the least I could I do)

So, with each pregnancy (3 thus far not counting my current one) I have attempted to do something fun but it never worked out. So I was bound and determined to do something fun with the next pregnancy.

It was Easter Sunday and we were at my husband's brother's house. The whole family was there eating and having a fun time. There was a point in the day that we were all sitting on the couch and everyone was complaining how cold it was. I on the other hand thought it was hot. When one of the kids pulled out a jacket and I swear I was about to start sweating, I became suspicious. We got home and I looked at my phone to see when I was suppose to "start". I was suppose to "start" the day before!!

Ok, I am sometimes early but never late! I went to check under the bathroom sink for tests and we were out. So, I crawled in bed trying to figure out how and when I would go buy the tests.

At 6 am (I never get up that early) I sprung out of bed. Hubby was showering and getting ready for work. I asked him if it would be ok to go to the store.

He looked at me puzzled. "Why do you want to go now?"

I hadn't expected him to question me. "Because I don't want to have to take any kids with me." (I was referring to little man and the little boy I use to watch during the day)

He kept pressing. "What do you want to get at the store?"

For the love, was what I was thinking! What am I suppose to say?!! Quick come up with something!

I responded, " I want to go buy Easter candy. It's on sale today."

Ok, I do love Reese's but this is very odd behavior we usually do not keep ANY candy in the house.

"Ok, have fun!" he didn't question any further.

Off to CVS I went. When I got there I realized that I didn't have any cash on me. So I would have to use the debit card.

That's ok, I thought. It won't show up for several more days and by then I would have already told him.

I get to the tests and pick up the usual. I always buy the digital kind and the kind with lines. I buy the digital kind because then there is no question. You're pregnant or you're not. I buy the ones with lines because I can tell if I am having a miscarriage because the second line gets fainter with each test.

I also grab a bag of Reese's, a kleenex box and I head to the check out counter. I have NO idea why but buying pregnancy tests always makes me self -conscious. Yes I threw the bag of candy on top of them on the counter hoping the guy wouldn't think anything about it.

He rang everything up and the total came to $40.53.

Eek, I really hope he doesn't see it before I can tell him. 

I paid, grabbed my bag and left.

When I got home hubby was in his office on the computer.

Perfect, I can run to the bathroom and take it while he's working. 

I took the test and in no time the word came across the screen.....


I was so excited!! I had to get rid of the evidence. I hid the test in my make up bag and got rid of the wrapper.

"Monicccaaaa" hubby was asking for me.

I went into the office and pulled up on the screen was our online banking website.

My husband does all of our finances and he is very good at it too! But I had no idea that he was doing them that morning.

"Sweety, did you just spend $40 at CVS?"

What?! It showed up that fast! In an effort to try and keep the surprise I didn't exactly tell him the truth.

To be continued tomorrow! I've got to finish laundry.. ;)


  1. oh no! So funny! Can't wait to read the continuation!

  2. Sounds like my hubby...always knows where I go by the finances! HA! Can't wait to read the rest!

  3. I am much like your husband in that I do all our banking stuff, so I see charges "before the ink even dries on the receipt" as my husband says. Looking forward to part 2.

  4. omg you are sooo funny! and wow, that's crazy that he was already checking the finances and it showed up that fast!! i think either me or my husband needs to be more diligent about that.. haha. cannot wait to read the rest!

  5. How fun! I told my husband over the phone with my first. Not exactly exciting.

    I feel self conscience when buying pregnancy tests too? I wonder why?? Good to know I'm not the only one. :)

  6. He's too good! How are you supposed to surprise him if he's like that?! :)

  7. sitting on the edge of my SEAT!!! hahahaha

  8. Oh the waiting is horrible...I can't wait to hear how you told him!!!

  9. AHHHHH!!! Your killing me!!!! I can't handle suspense!!!!

  10. Haha! So funny! Can't wait to know how it turns out! :-)

  11. This is so fun to read! I am self conscious when I buy pregnancy tests too.
    That is sooooo funny that the debit charge showed up already. I could see that happening to me as well, my hubby checks the accounts it seems every day. :)
    Can't wait to see the rest!

  12. haha so far its good!! Hurry and do laundry! I'm dying to know!

  13. WHAT? I can't believe you left us hangin'!

  14. No!! We need to hear the rest!!


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