Sep 20, 2010

The final countdown

I have entered the third and final trimester. I could not be more excited! I went to my 28 week OB appointment today and baby Cohen looked great. He even gave us some great sonogram pictures and at one time smiled! But we weren't able to get that picture. Trust me there will be plenty of pictures after he makes his debut.

(this is a little distorted because the cord was in front of his eyes and face but he has his hands close to his face. I love his nose!)


(here are his feet!)


(And the 28 week belly shot. I was closer to the mirror in my 20 week belly shot which kind of created an optical illusion..oops.) please ignore the smudges on the mirror. Little man loves this mirror!



Little man had his 15 month check up today. Recently we haven't been able to get him to eat a lot of meat. If you haven't noticed he's a little guy (5% for his weight) so the fact that he's being a picky eater all of a sudden is a little concerning to our doctor. He suggested a few things to try and we'll see how it goes. If those suggestions don't work he'll have to be put on a high protein drink.

Hubby was gone this weekend on his annual man trip. Which consisted of hunting (it's a southern thing please no mean comments), sports watching and grilling out the whole time. I'm glad he was able to get away and it's my turn next. I have no idea where but I really want to take a trip before Cohen gets here, you know before the nursing begins and I can't go anywhere without him. ;)

I hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend! Fall is just around the corner and that means cooler weather!

(Be sure to check out tomorrow's post. I can't wait to share with you my latest prop find!)


  1. I have to admit that your belly shots make me a tad bit envious of you :) For both my children, I gained WAY too much weight, and believe me, it wasn't just my belly that grew! I think you look adorable!

  2. Very cute sono and belly pictures!!
    I hope and pray that Little Man will be able to eat more food.
    Sounds great that your hubby gets to get out like that!
    I smiled to myself when I read what you wrote about getting out before the nursing begins and you can't leave Cohen....if you have a girls getaway before he arrives, you WILL be having him with you. :-) Hehe

  3. awe you are looking so cute!! Lets hope I look this good too!! Congrats on the 3rd tri and many prayers for C to grow nice and strong in there and for Little Man to eat some meats!!

  4. You look great. I am going october 5th to do a 3d/4d scan that will be exciting, and I should get my final normal scan in about 2 weeks. They do 3 major scan in germany.

  5. You look great. I am going october 5th to do a 3d/4d scan that will be exciting, and I should get my final normal scan in about 2 weeks. They do 3 major scan in germany.

  6. Love the belly shots. I can totally relate to you about your concerns of little man's size. Our oldest son, who is now 7, has always been on the extreme low end of the % scale when it came to his weight. His last appt. he wasn't even on charts. Our dr. said not to worry about it b/c we are not big people. She suggested pedisure, but that lasted about 2 weeks. He liked it at first now he thinks it is gross. Be curious to hear what you doctor recommends.

  7. You might want to ask @kristinglas from on Twitter about hemp protein. We're not big meat eaters and I think it's going to be the ticket for us. My oldest and middle child were big babies, but have been on the smallish size ever since. We did pediasure drinks and what not, but I think the hemp is going to give them the protein they need.

  8. Glad you & baby are doing well! I love seeing belly shots! :) I miss having a preggo idealism I'm sure ;)

    Ben (my now 2 1/2 yr old) had an anti-meat phase...and in general still is. But around 12-18mos I tried black beans for protein...he gobbled those things down!! (of course he wont touch them now) Very messy tho be warned. ;)


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