Sep 21, 2010

Latest find

Here is my latest find from etsy. I have been looking for a chair similar to this for the past few years but they were never in the price range I wanted. I was over the moon when I found this one.


I love the color and the detail.



It looks great as my office chair but you know curling up a newborn on this seat will make for some great shots. Here are a few shots from my work space. 



This room is hubby's office but as my business grew I needed some space to set up camp. We already discussed it and in our next home I will be getting my own office. You know one without stuffed ducks and a deer head on the wall and one that's not painted hunter green. ;)  The computer was a surprise Christmas gift from hubby last Christmas. I'm not exactly on the apple band wagon but all of my editing programs were apple (long story) so this is what he went with. I do enjoy the big (27 in) screen!


A note that stays on my computer from hubby. 

These are some of my favorite notes from clients.

I have so many ideas for my future office but this is perfect for right now.


  1. I love seeing a glimpse into your professional life :)

  2. Love the chair :) I am looking for chairs like that right now!

  3. Oh, goodness. I want that chair. I LOVE That chair! The colors are just darling! And your workspace is cute--and I'm loving that big 'ol mac! :-)

  4. Oh I LOVE that chair! The colors are exactly what I'm hoping to incorporate into my bedroom. I too enjoy seeing a glimpse into your professional life. :) Have a great day!

  5. I covet your chair! It's great!

  6. I love your office, Monica! It's light and fresh looking! I hope my next computer will be a Mac.
    I love your chair, too. There are so many antique stores near where I live, I could probably find one myself and paint it. I'm using a hand-me-down dining room chair as my computer chair. :)

  7. I love it! and I love the colors. going to be a great addition to your pictures!

  8. What a pretty chair! I love your photos of it as well! Just spent the last 30 minutes going through your old posts!

  9. I tried leaving a message yesterday but it would not let me. Oh well I am here today. :) I love that chair! It's perfect. Where you and Cohen standing on it to get the desk photo? You better be careful there girl. ;)

  10. OMG. That's my chair! I feel so happy that you love it!! Your work is amazing as well. Thanks again for finding me on etsy!

    vintage obscura


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