Nov 3, 2010

Polaroids of little man

Little man you are 17 months old and full of personality! Any time we go out in public you love to waive at everyone that walks by.
Your vocabulary is ever expanding. A few of your favorite sayings & words are: "Oh, boy!" , "What is that?" , "No" , "Go, Go!",  "baseball" , "golfball" ,  "bible",  "waffle", "Nana"

In this picture you are wearing your latest obsession. LMELMO

Yes, your elmo shoes! Every morning when you wake up you ask for them to be placed on your feet. I'm certain you would wear them every where if we let you. 
How is it that you are already sleeping in a big boy bed? Time has flown by. The bed looks huge when you are sleeping in it or you look tiny. Either way we are proud of you for staying in your bed, even during nap time!

You have been watching the World Series with da-da and because of that you are now obsessed with baseball. You will turn the TV on saying "baseball, baseball!". You have sat and watched a whole game with da-da, cheering the entire game!! 

Every time we open the refrigerator you ask for a waffle and are more than willing to "help" us prepare your meals.
We are blessed to have you apart of our life. And we know you are going to be an awesome big brother!


  1. I love his elmo slippers. Too cute!

  2. You are so creative with your pictures! I am always inspired!

  3. lovin' the slippers!! :) too cute!

  4. Such cute pictures! Love the elmo shoes, I could use a pair myself. My oldest had monster feet that he loved but would "spook" him every now and then. We'd have to get them off in a hurry! Little boys are so funny!

  5. The fridge photo so reminds me of my youngest! Adorable!


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