Dec 21, 2010

My top ten


To say I love to read would be an understatement. My home is overflowing with books. Here are a few of my favorite books that I read this year.

1. What Did You Expect by Paul Tripp
This book is the best marriage book I have ever read.

2. The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson
This book changed my point of view on motherhood for the better.

3. War of Words by Paul Tripp
A must read if you have any interaction with humans, ever. ;)

4. Bringing up Boys by Dr. James Dobson
As a mother of boys I found this to be such a useful book.

5. Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Paul and Denver Moore
You MUST read this book. I read this book earlier this year and could not put this book down.

6. I Will Carry You by Angie Smith
For anyone that has lost a child this book is a must read.

7. Death by Love by Mark Driscoll
Mark writes letters to members of his congregation.

8. Crazy Love by Francis Chan
I technically read this when it first came out but I read it again this year.

9. Forgotten God by Francis Chan
Another great read

10. Breaking Free by Beth Moore
This isn't a book but a bible study. God will use this bible study to change your life!


  1. great books! I've read a few of them on your list!

  2. I'm at the end of my rope with a couple of things in my life... so amazing that you noted these particular books.

  3. I did a Bible study on War of was awesome!!! really helped me watch my words......yikes!!! :) Merry Christmas friend!!! lots to be thankful for. Is it bad to be thankful for my Lola bag?? :) I AM!!!!!

  4. I am so glad you posted this. I have heard good things about a couple of these books. Now I know which one I am going to go get. :)

  5. Yes, our family loves books too. Another great read is: Greater than Yourself, by Stever Farber.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I also read Crazy Love, Same Kind of Different... and I Will Carry You. Excellent books! I have been wanting to go back and read Crazy Love again. It shook me up, changed my perspective, but I feel myself slipping. I think I need a good reminder :) I have been wanting to read Bringing up Boys (I have two). Maybe that'll be next! Thanks for sharing your list, definitely want to check the others out.

  7. I own the book "Bring up Boys" it at a thrift store when I was first married...Three girls later, still haven't read it. :)

    'Crazy Love' is on my list. Saw Francis Chan speak live at FOTF...amazing speaker!

    Hadn't heard of the others on your list. I read mostly fiction, usually, so I tend to really space out my reading of these kinds of books!

    Thanks for the inspired me to write my own book post this evening. :)

  8. Kids and I are actually going to the library this week and I am going to look for a few of these.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love to read, too. :)
    I have 2,5,6 and 8 and I have been wanting to order Dr. Dobson's book. Those others sound really good and they'll go next on my list! is having a HUGE sale right now so I'm going to see if any of these titles are on their sale list. :)

  10. They sound like great books. I know my sister read Dr. Dobson's book. Carla

  11. Haven't heard of many of these. Thanks for passing them along, going to check them out now.

    Happy new year!


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