Feb 2, 2011


Today you are 2 months old. There is snow on the ground and dada is working from home. It's hard to believe that it is 16 degrees outside but you are warm snuggled up in your blanket.


  • You have started smiling and cooing.
  • Your brother loves to give you hugs and kisses.
  • While in the jogging stroller big brother will hold your hand.
  • You are my little cuddle bug. 
  • This month you finally received some relief for your reflux.
  • MiMi and PopPop love to come visit you. 
  • I think you look like your daddy and most people agree. 
  • We moved you into your crib this past week. 
  • Which means you are officially sharing a room with your brother. 
  • You are sleeping through the night.
  • It's hard to get you to wake up for your last feeding. Most of the time you don't finish. 
  • Big brother loves to give you your pacifier. Sometimes he misses and tries to put it up your nose. 
  • You are a laid back baby. 
We love you so much and are so excited to have you apart of our family!


  1. So cute and they grow up so fast. Lucky lady that he sleeps through the night already!

    I think it that last picture where it is just half his face he looks a lot like older brother!

  2. What a sweet baby! Thanks for sharing.

  3. i'm a new follower, and your baby is adorable...lucky momma!

  4. HA! I am LOVING that basket shot!!! He is adorable Monica!!!

  5. These are so precious. Love it!

  6. I adore your blog! Your photo's are simply stunning! I am hosting a challenge & would be honored if you came by :)
    ~Angel @livinginaperrytale.com

  7. how precious is he!!
    i wanna another baby, i will soon enough...


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