Feb 1, 2011

A different way to use social media

While hubby and I were discussing social media, facebook came up. He shares the same argument that many have. Which is, it creates a false impression that we are really "friends" with people and that we know what is really going on in their lives. When we have no clue unless we are truly friends with them.

On my personal facebook I only add people that I know, participate in the ministry we serve in at our church and local photographers. I love seeing my 8th grade school teacher (who was my absolute favorite!), seeing friends from elementary school and even preschool, people from my hometown, and others that have been apart of my life in some way shape or form. No I am not in the lives of all 600+ "friends" on facebook. But I like to use facebook for something more than networking, fan pages or checking up on people. I love to use the facebook newsfeed as a place for prayer. Let me explain....

When the newsfeed pops up I scroll through and will use people's statuses as prayer requests. Here are a few that came up today.

               Now we all have the flu. This stinks...:-(
               SERIOUSLY!!! What else???!!!
               Praying, this morning, for our friends while they are at home in Cairo.
               is still home with Brystol. Fluids are still inside and she's sleeping instead of puking. Nurse will check in around 3:00.
               Baby Girl has an ear infection :( Just thankful it's not the flu, strep, pneumonia or a respiratory illness.
               Suppose to fly out to Denver tomorrow afternoon, after all the ice hits OKC. Not sure what best decision is.

And when their statuses aren't necessarily sharing something going wrong in their lives, I pray for their day. (especially stay at home moms) Twitter can also be used for the same purpose. You can choose to look at the down side of social media there is plenty of negative or you can choose to use it for His glory! 


  1. What a perfect way to turn someone else's complaints in to a way to lift them up! I am guilty of reading those negative status and rolling my eyes. Great idea, I think I'll try that today!

  2. What a wonderful (and constructive) way to to make "lemonade". So many times I find myself thinking "people are sure whiny". This is a terrific way to make lemonade out of all the lemons. :)

  3. What a great way to use Facebook Monica. Never thought to use it that way. I will have to remember that when I'm reading through my news feeds and who knows, maybe one of my "friends" is praying through the news feeds too...would be nice especially since my status update now read "home with a sick kid" today.

  4. This really is a great idea and especially lately I have found myself doing this when I see my friend's updates.
    I have heard of others doing this as well.
    I guess we don't know how many are out there praying for us when they see our updates. :)

  5. I think this is great. I pray for my fb friends but usually only when they actually ask. I should really start looking more and praying for those who aren't specifically asking but sound like they need prayers.

  6. Such a great reminder1 I am with Yanet above - I usually think - "oh my gosh people stop whining!" Because my feed is full of both my special needs mama friends and my "real life" friends. And the juxtaposition between "Little man is fighting for his life against this sepsis. Please God be with his body" and "I HATE when i get crappy service at the upscale salon i just spent four hours getting pampered at! I need to calm myself with new shoes from nordstroms" sometimes just makes me want to turn the whole thing off.
    but you are right - everyone needs prayer. All of the time. For all of our hurt/needs/issues. God cares about all of us - and our requests to Him are all the same.
    Beautiful reminder today monica, thank you so much.


  7. What a wonderful way to use social media. I have to use it for "business" at my job, but looking for prayer opportunities on my personal page will certainly keep me focused on God...and not what I can post to sound "cool." Thanks :)

  8. Excellent idea! I usually complain that people share too much information on Facebook, and never realized that I could be turning that into a positive and for His glory!

  9. I just praised God for your positive attitude! We need more people like you! :)

  10. I love this! I love finding blogs that make the best of things! I, too, struggle with those that complain on FB or other means. Praying for specifics is awesome and I love that several of my friends put out prayer requests this way. Praying for the days of others is awesome.

    Thanks for your sunshine today!


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