Jan 31, 2011

Winter storm on the way!

We made a wal-mart run today to stock up on groceries before the winter storm hits us tomorrow. And by winter storm I mean ice. It may end up being nothing but you never know! Everyone else in town was doing the same thing because it was busy. Speaking of groceries does anyone have a good recipe for chili? That sounds so good right now and I've never made it.

Here is our little munchkin. He is an easy baby for the most part, except when his reflux acts up. But we love him and we can't imagine life without him. Little man loves him too! It's so sweet to see him have concern for his baby brother.


We sang this song at church on Sunday and I can't get enough of it! (little man is even singing it) I love the promises that are spoken throughout this song. If you find yourself today in a hard place or are moved to worship sing these lyrics out to Him!!

Forever Reign by Hillsong


  1. Monica, he is getting so big already! That is a great song. :)

  2. His eyes melt my heart! He is so handsome!

  3. Your little munchkin is so cute! That song is very uplifting- thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Oh - such a cute little guy! And growing SO fast.
    Chili is SUPER easy to make: A little ground beef and onion sauteed in a pan with a couple cans of tomatoes and beans and a packet of chili seasoning (or some chili powder) I usually add a pinch of sugar to mine, or a bunch of cheese! :)

  5. We're supposed to get snow and ice here too. Is it bad that I kinda hope we do (and keep electricity) so I can just sit around and edit photos for a whole day?

    Your little guy is adorable-and growing FAST!

  6. Too cute! I emailed you my chili recipe. Hope you don't get too much snow & ice!

  7. YOU have NEVER made chili?

    (picking my chin up off the table)

    Here is a link to my fave recipe for chili (from Rachel Ray).
    Did you know "real" chili has NO beans? Also if you're a midwesterner, you HAVE to make cinnamon rolls to eat after you finish your chili. I think it's religion or something... ;)
    Here you go: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/rachael-ray/caution-flag-chili-with-flat-tire-toppers-recipe/index.html

  8. Great song! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Cute photo. Hope the storm isn't too bad.

  10. Wow...love that song!! Thanks for posting it!


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