Mar 22, 2011

Flu, strep thoat, ear infection... Oh My!

Last Sunday was little man's baby dedication. Little did we know he had the flu. I knew he wasn't feeling well but I wanted to do his dedication before he turned two (our church only does a few dedications a year)! (mom fail) The past few weeks were really hard on him. Before the baby dedication he had strep throat (after the dr. said kids under three don't get it), ear infection, and petechiae. The monday after his dedication I went back to the dr. because he was on day 8 of running a fever. That's when he tested positive for the flu! A few days later his fever was gone but he had developed a rash. He was then diagnosed with roseola.

The picture below will always be reminder of how he didn't feel well on his baby dedication.


Sunday we went to church to hear hubby lead worship for the youth group. Little man was feeling much better by this point. And boy are we thankful to have him back to normal!




He wore a punk rock outfit complete with spiked hair, skinny jeans(yes they make those for little ones), and his converse. I don't normally dress him like this for "big" church but I will for youth group. Side note....we are considering getting him drums for his second birthday. You know because all child prodigies are good at their craft by age three. :) Kidding! Scott can play the drums so at least he can teach him. 


I'll leave you with video of hubby singing on Sunday. He doesn't know that I took video. Sneaky, sneaky......

He's singing "Grace Like Rain" by Todd Agnew 


  1. one of my favorite worship songs! had a mini worship moment! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Glad he's feeling better!! I think the drum is a fabulous idea. ;)

  4. Poor little guy! Sickness seems to be hitting so many kids hard this year! I'm glad he is feeling better. Drums sound loud and fun, just what every little boy loves. :) He makes a super cute punk rocker.

  5. my doctor says kids under 18 months can't get strep throat! Never heard the "3 year old" rule :) I am glad he's all better!

  6. Poor little man- you can definitely tell in that pic. Boy he sure looks like a big boy next to Cohen! :)
    That is so funny about getting Little Man drums! We plan on getting Brad drums (or have at least we keep saying we are!) because he runs for the drum at church (the kind you use hands with) and he actually has a good beat. He also tries to find the beat in songs and pat his hands on something to it sometimes. Probably just proud parents. :)
    Your hubby has a great voice. That's awesome that he is using his talents to serve God. I love that song by the way. :)

  7. I hope the baby is feeling better! I love his little "rocker" outfit and that song by Todd Agnew is amazing!

  8. LOVE the outfit on little man.....adorable! Sorry he wasn't feeling well...this has been a harsh winter here too....all 3 get sick within days of each other. AND finally, because I think this deserves mention, I LOVE how the hubs walks away from the mic at the crescendo (is that what it's called?), very rocker like. :) LOVE that song!!!


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