Mar 23, 2011

I'm an idiot...

A few weeks ago we went on an impromptu trip to visit our friends in Virginia. We usually park at the airport but decided to park at my husband's office instead and get a ride to the airport. My husband felt safe leaving both of our vehicles there because it is a high security area.

When we returned from our trip hubby's boss came to pick us up and drop us off at our vehicles. He pulled his expedition next to our truck and we unloaded everyone and loaded them into the truck. My husband's car was about 50 yards away from the truck. We decided that I would drive his car. (more like I decided, I LOVE driving his car)

It was 9:30 at night but the parking lot was well lit. Hubby was finishing strapping in little man. I kissed him and told him I'd see him at home. I started walking to the car. I felt safe because like I said it was a high security area. There were cameras everywhere, there is a security officer, it's a wealthy part of the city,  it was well lit and my husband was right there! As I was walking to the car I could tell a car had turned into the parking lot because the head lights lit the way in front of me. I didn't think anything about it because I figured it was someone coming to work. But I could tell they were going really slow.

I thought maybe they were wanting one of the parking spaces that I was walking in front of. But I thought that's silly there are several open parking spaces. The car slowly pulled up next to me and I heard the window roll down. The man driving what I could now see was a SUV said.  "Hey, hottie come here!"

 Sorry, but no man should ever approach a woman in this situation.....ever. Even if you don't have questionable intentions.

 I looked over at him smiled and kept walking. This is where it could have been very bad for me. And where I start making some bad judgement calls. What I should have done is turn around and walked back to my husband. Or have waited on my husband to drive me to the car in the first place!!

But what did I do, you ask?

I kept walking to the car! Further away from my husband who had not even seen what had happened. Oh wait it gets better....

The man who was causing all of my internal radars to go off went and pulled into the parking space next to our car! Because he was was driving a SUV, I couldn't even see our car anymore.

We've only owned this car a few weeks. At this point had only driven it once before. I wasn't familiar with all of the buttons.

My plan was to not make eye contact. Just get in the car and drive.

I fumbled the keys trying to get it unlocked. I heard the beep indicating that I had unlocked it! He had his passenger window rolled down.

As I was getting into the car. I heard him say "Hey! Come here girl! "

Before I even stuck the keys in the ignition I locked my doors. But getting the car in reverse was a different story. It's not a normal gear shift where you just put it in reverse. It's all zig zaggy and confusing at first. I was nervous and I accidentally put it into the tiptronic (where you can make it manual instead of automatic) transmission. I finally got it in reverse. As I was pulling out I looked over at him. He was visibly upset. He was throwing his arms in the air and hitting his steering wheel.

Another good thing about hubby's new car is that it goes fast! And boy I was out of there!! Hubby hadn't left the parking lot. He was waiting on me to pull out before he left. But because he was distracted by the kiddos he missed the whole thing.

I was hoping we could pull the security footage to show you but we weren't able to.

This situation could have turned out very differently if hubby had not been there. Let this be a lesson to me and to all women. LISTEN to your gut! If you suddenly feel like you are in danger...get out!


  1. I am so glad you are safe!!
    That's probably one of my worst nightmares. I guess it doesn't matter where you are, huh? :(

  2. Oh, and thank the LORD that you were protected. :)

  3. Heather- Yes!! Thank the Lord!! I called hubby as I followed him home. We both were praising God that it turned out ok.

  4. Oh my instincts were on high alert for you as I read your dag'on post. Dear! Yes...listen to your gut. I can't believe that happened to you...sooo sorry. That's one of my biggest fears as well......especially for my kids....I can't even think about it......SOOO glad your safe friend!

  5. That is scary! I'm glad nothing bad happened and that you are okay!!

  6. Wow, that's scary! So glad everything turned out okay.

  7. That's a very scary situation!! So glad you are ok.

  8. oh that is awful! so glad you are safe!

  9. That definitely is a scary situation! Thank God that He had His Heavenly Hosts surrounding you! I must say, however, that you are NOT an idiot. In situations like that, though we may be trained and prepared to deal with them, the adrenaline that hits oftentimes causes those learned lessons to be the farthest thing from our mind.

    Praise God that He was with you! And darn those new cars and their fancy gadgets (I have that problem when I take my hubby's truck, too)!! :)

  10. Sorry you had to go through that but glad you are safe :)

  11. That's absolutely horrible. I am so sorry you were put in that situation. You are right. Men should not even look at a woman in a situation like that. It's not right. I'm happy you're okay. A little unnerved, but okay.

  12. that is so scary! Glad things turned out ok! I have really learned, through several experiences like yours to trust your gut. Regardles!!

  13. Oh wow so glad you are okay!! That sounded suss and My adrenaline would have been pumping too. I think you were looked after. Even with your hubby there it could have been awful. *hugs* it is sending chills down my spine.


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