Apr 2, 2011

Blogging absence

Last week was a totally unplanned blogging break. That tends to happen when I get overwhelmed in the "real" world. And all my thoughts are on an elephant in the room but I'm suppose to talk about photo editing. If you know me in real life, you know that's not an easy thing for me to do.  This month marks 1 year since the start of valleys God allowed us to walk through. All having to do with extended family relationships.

This past month has felt like everything has come to a head. And God asked us to face some difficult circumstances. Even though it's tough, we've learned so much through it. We are thankful that God is a merciful and loving God.  He's also used others to look at our hearts. Though hard, it's a beautiful process.

During this time we've also been walking along with our friends through some of their valleys..... job changes, illness, death, confession, and depression. Life is hard. Growing spiritually can be hard. Because that usually means there's some refining He's doing.

I'm thankful that we worship a God that loves us enough to not be ok with us staying as we are. He wants growth and refinement, so that we can become more like Him and less like this world.


  1. It's understandable. Real life is important and stressful especially with marriage and kids and such!

  2. Walking through a valley full of elepants-in-the-room myself. Life comes first. ***hugs***

  3. real life is way more important than a blog, though your blogging is a testament of your faith. I pray God gives you what you need this week. (((HUGS)))

  4. Miss chatting with you... I am always grateful for refinement, it means he is not finished nor given up on me. Though it hurts sometimes and is hard. May he continue to shine his face upon your family.

  5. Real life definitely matters more than the blog world does. I hope you guys are doing great! And you're so right...spiritual refining is always tough.

  6. That is tough! The good thing is that you are growing through this!

  7. Yes, life and refining can definitely be hard! I can understand about dealing with family situations....I've been going through one of those valleys the past 6 months myself.


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