Aug 6, 2011

The dialogue between a country girl and her city boy. (pt.1)

me. "Can I mow the yard? "

hubby. (a man who takes very good care of his yard and has a lot of pride in it) "Really? You want to mow the yard? I think that's more of a man's job. Why don't you run to sonic and get a Dr. Pepper instead?"

Notice how he dangles one of my favorite indulgences in front of me. I resist the temptation.

me. "But baby I'd really like to serve you by helping you mow the lawn today. I use to do it all of the time growing up."

hubby. " can mow the backyard."

Notice he gave me the yard that no one else will see.

me. "YAY! I will make you proud. I promise."

I wanted to show him my country girl work ethic. I mean mowing this little yard will be nothing.

He pushed the lawn mower to the backyard and started it for me. I pushed it and immediately could tell that it was going to be a lot more work than I had first thought. But he was watching me and I didn't want him to know that I was already struggling. I glanced up at him and waived at him, pushing the lawn mower with one hand. Yep, that took skill. I even gave him a little smile.

He saw that I was doing ok and went to start work on the front yard.

I pushed it as hard as I could. At one point my arms were completely stretched out and I looked like I was attempting to climb a big hill. I was starting to sweat....I never sweat. As I rounded the corner, concentrating really hard on pushing and making straight lines I see hubby out of the corner of my eye.

He was laughing.

I stopped and turned off the lawn mower.

me. "What's so funny?"

He said nothing. He couldn't he was laughing too hard.

He simply walked over to me, started the lawn mower, kissed the top of my hot sweaty head, lifted up a handle from the bottom and placed my hands back on the lawn mower.

The mower started moving by itself!

It's a self-propelled mower. I had no idea nor had I ever used one.

I smiled back at him as he mouthed the words "I love you" and he went inside the house to get me some water.

Needless to say I learned an important lesson that day not only do we own a self propelled lawn mower but I do a much better job with the laundry than the lawn. :)


  1. Oh, Monica! This post had me rolling! Because, seriously, that could have been me! I'll never try to mow the lawn, though, because we have a riding lawn mower and 1/2 an acre yard and that thing intimidates me!

  2. We have a rider also, it's my husbands pride and joy he won't let me touch it. But if were a push mower he wouldn't have problem with it at all. He hate yard work.

  3. This is priceless moment! Thank you for sharing it with us.


  4. This is priceless moment! Thank you for sharing it with us.


  5. There are self-propelled lawn mowers??? I had no idea! Good thing he showed you. That would have been a LOT of work to push that thing.

  6. Self-propelled lawn mowers are one of the greatest inventions out there. It makes me enjoy mowing the lawn :).

  7. I actually miss mowing the lawn. :( I used to like to serve my husband in this way by doing it before he got home from work on days that I didn't have to work. Then when we had Brad, it was impossible to mow for him. And I thought pushing a non-propelled push mower was a nice work out. :)

  8. I love posts that make me laugh. Too funny!

  9. Cracking up with this post b/c I can relate. However, my husband has not given up the reins on his tractor. Oh well, I guess I'll just sit by the pool with my dr. pepper(love it too!) and wave everytime he passes me by. Thanks for sharing.


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