Aug 9, 2011

My photography biz

When I started this blog three and a half years ago I thought only family and friends would read it. I had no idea that hundreds of complete strangers would ever care to read it but you do!  (still blows my mind) Because I was shy of giving out business info to complete strangers I never linked to my business blog from this blog. Yes, I've shown you some of my latest sessions but I've never directly linked to it.

But all of that is changing today. I recently did a business blog overall and switched to wordpress. Oh my goodness talk about a major headache but I survived (thanks to bluehost) and the blog is ready for you to see it!

Here it is....

If you notice anything that needs to be fixed please let me know. :)

*I am still going to keep the two separate blogs because they serve two different purposes.


  1. Looks really great Monica!! The only thing I saw was that the slideshow in the header section is off. It shows the first slide and then it goes to an empty header for several seconds before it comes back.

  2. Thanks courtney! I'll check it out!

  3. Strange....It looks fine on my end. Do you know what could be causing that? Anyone else having the same issue?

  4. the header slide show looks good on my end. I LOVE this site.. You did a WONDERFUL job Monica!!!!


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