Aug 1, 2011

Where in the world?

We left for vacation July 20 and got back the 26th. Where did we go this time??

Florida! We've been there a few times as a married couple but this was our first time as a family. We were close to the Palm Beach area.

Our flights were great with the exception of some flight control diversion, which left us sitting on the tarmac a little longer than anticipated. But the samsung galaxy tab was a great distraction. I've mentioned it before but we don't allow our kids to watch a lot of tv. So it's a real treat that little man gets to watch movies while flying. (post coming soon on flying with little ones)

Little man loved the ocean! Every morning when he woke up that was the first thing he asked to see. "Ocean? Water? Pool? Please, please?!"

He got so tan while we were there. I'm not quite sure where in the gene pool that came from. Hubby and I both fry. Luckily not this trip, though.

My sister came with us as a helper. We loved having an extra set of eyes and hands. She also made it possible for us to lay out by the pool during nap time and she let us have an awesome date night!! She was a huge blessing!!!







(thank you matt for coming and helping us out!!! We loved getting to spend so much time with you)

Yes this next photo has a story. The water was calm enough in the ocean to take Cohen out in his baby ring. While out there he fell asleep to the sound and swaying of the ocean. When we were ready to go to the pool, hubby picked him up still in the baby ring and placed in the pool. He never woke up during transport. He continued his nap in the pool. :) So funny! 


We took the oppurtunity to have dinner with my husband's cousin and his family. Which technically makes them my cousins....or cousins in law. Ha! Anyway, they are family and we had a blessed time with them! Thanks for the picture Lisa! 

Our last night there we decided to take family pictures. As a photographer trusting someone behind the camera is a difficult task. And in this case I was trusting and directing my sister who is not a pro. (she doesn't even like photography..I know...gasp**) It was incredibly stressful but so worth these shots and memories. She took our family photo and the others I took. I love my boys and feel so blessed!! 





Oh my word's it's already august.... I'm already stressing about Christmas. :)


  1. What great photos!! I love your sun dress in the first family photo- it looks so comfortable!

  2. Looks like sooo much fun. It seems quite a few people enjoyed some time in the water this weekend, I know we did too! =D

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! Wonderful photos i really love the last four! Beautiful! <3

    In our sea of love

  4. The photos are beautiful my fav is of your lil guy standing! TFS

  5. Too funny, I love that he fell asleep in the ocean and stayed asleep while you moved him to the pool. Too cute! Love all of your photos. Love the family portraits!

  6. You all are such a sweet and beautiful family. I love that you were able to get away together.

  7. Beautiful. You have a gift. I love your witness too!


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