Oct 28, 2011

The events that unfolded

My mother in law had brain surgery to remove one of her two brain tumors last Monday. After a few days in ICU she was placed in a regular hospital room and eventually was placed on the rehabilitation ward to help get her strength back. That is where she was yesterday morning when a nurse found her unresponsive and with bleeding on the brain.

 Soon after discovering her, she was rushed into emergency surgery to try and stop the hemorrhage. The surgeon said  there was so much pressure in her brain that the entire right side of her brain had collapsed onto the left side. He discovered a blood clot which was a very unlikely situation because she had been on blood thinner medication. (this had nothing to do with her original surgery) He also was very honest and said the outlook does not look good. She suffered severe brain damage. Her neurological signs are very poor. But we won't know the extent of her brain damage until she wakes up.

Yesterday they quit giving her sedation medicine in hopes of her waking up. She has not woke up as of yet. The doctor said that even if she does wake up because of the brain damage her quality of life will be very poor. She is currently on a ventilator and is not really responding to pain.

After her surgery we all went and held her hand and told her we love her.

We are at this point trying our best to love on my father in law who was basically told his wife will not pull through this. He shared that he is not over the shock yet.

After the ICU visit we went to my father in law's house to eat. It was so strange not having her in the house bustling around trying to make everyone comfortable and well fed. She is the queen of hosting but the hostess was not there.

The night before this incident her son was visiting her. He was by her bed side holding her hand. Out of the blue she said, "It's so beautiful!" He asked her, "What's so beautiful, mom?" She never responded. Who knows what the Lord allows us to see before we enter into His kingdom. Maybe He knows that we fear leaving our loved ones so He gives us glimpses into what's on the other side to give us peace. Yesterday there were people that shared stories of their loved saying similar things about seeing a beautiful light or seeing people standing in their presence (no one else could see these "people") before they passed away.

 We do believe in miracles and that's what she needs right now. But we also believe in a sovereign God that may be calling her home at this time. In either situation He will be glorified!

Be praying for David my father in law. I know it is hard for him to see her in her current condition and to face the possibility that she may never come home. I know that's hard for us all to face.

UPDATE: Although not much of a change this morning she did open her eyes and give a hand squeeze. Praising the Lord for allowing David and her boys to experience those moments.


  1. Praying and believing with you that God's timing and God's plan are always perfect.

  2. My prayers are with your family in this hard time.

  3. Totally misty. I think your right...God gives us glimpses of what Heaven is like and to live with Him. I am praying friend. I'm sorry you guys are going through this. God is the same now as he was before all this...He is good and His ways are strange yet planned. You are loved friend~kel

  4. Prayers of peace for your family, Monica.

  5. My prayers are with you and your family in this struggle in life. God is there for you, just rest in His love and peace. Hugs!

  6. Praying for your family during this time.

  7. Still praying. How wonderful that she was able to squeeze hands.

  8. Prayers & thoughts going out to you & your family!

  9. Monica, I'll be praying for your family. Praying for rest, comfort, peace...

  10. we do serve a God of miracles. praying with you for complete healing!!


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