Oct 27, 2011

MIL update

update: 11:08- she made it through surgery but she has sustained severe brain damage. it does not look good. her neurological signs are very poor. she is in icu. we are all here. please continue praying. God be glorified!
Update: 7:00am- I wrote the following post last night. This morning we received a  phone call saying that the hospital had found her unresponsive and there was bleeding on her brain. She is currently in ICU and we're being told the outlook doesn't look good. PLEASE PRAY!!! We believe in a powerful God that heals!!

This weekend my father in law was experiencing vertigo and a nurse suggested he go to the ER to get looked at. He was admitted to the hospital and underwent a few tests. All the tests came back negative and the dr. determined that the vertigo was probably due to high blood pressure caused from stress. He is now at home getting some rest. 

My mother in law is on the rehabilitation ward and is under going rehabilitation to help her get her strength back. She has been in a bed for 3 weeks and has lost most of her muscle strength. She is unable to do the most basic of physical tasks. And the tests to determine the exact type of cancer came back inconclusive. Not only does she have a long battle ahead of her physically but mentally and emotionally she is struggling. She is having a hard time finding the mental strength to fight the unknown cancer and to fight to get her strength back. I know that she is tired but she can't just give up. 

How you can specifically be praying:

Pray that she God will lift the depression she is currently wrestling.
That God would give her mental and physical strength. 
Discernment for the doctors to be able to figure out the next move.
Discernment for the brothers as they try to make the best decisions moving forward. 
That us wives will continue to encourage and walk beside our husbands during this hard time. 

Praising God:

My father in law is ok! 

Thank you friends for your concern and prayer. It means more to us than I could ever express. 


  1. Praying for Gods grace to keep you all strong and to surround your family during this time!

  2. Keeping your family in my prayers. :)

  3. Oh Monica, no. I am praying for you all today, especially for your mil. We do indeed serve a God who heals. Praying for His healing touch and intervention.

  4. Monica, I will keep praying for God's hand on your mother-in-law and for all of you.

  5. still praying for your family!


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