Oct 6, 2011

A use for old crates

My mom found these at a flea market for $5!! I found the perfect use for them. Since they go with the vintage theme I have for the boys room. These crates are now where we keep the diapers. Their room has been a work in progress and I love finding things to add to their decor.




(If you showed up here looking for the before and after blog hop, I'm sorry. It was announced last week that it is currently on hiatus until further notice. Thanks!)


  1. oh my! I love those crates! $5 awesome! those would be cute as book shelves later- I've seen how ppl have cut things like that in half and mounted them onto the wall. which means you'd have to cut them :0

  2. Thanks tonya!

    Jen- I was so excited about the price. I haven't seen them cheaper than $30. A shelf...that's a great idea!

  3. So cute! I'm a sucker for "old things"...

    Such a great idea Monica!


  4. She got a STEAL of a deal!!!! I love them! My cloth diapers wouldn't stand in them well, but I"m sure I could think of SOMETHING else to use them for :o) What a cute idea!!!

  5. Oh now that is a cute idea!


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