Jun 7, 2012




Someone replaced my little babies with little boys. When did that happen?!


  1. ((HUGS)) It seems to happen overnight. They are way too cute!!

  2. Time evaporates like mist in the morning . . . cherish it all!! Our son is getting married next month ... still seems like yesterday he was holding my hand to cross the street. (*sniff*)

  3. Monica, that is too cute!! Aww, I want to sniff, too.....that will be Tyler in 6 months or so......Brad is already like a little boy. :(

  4. So sweet! Time for another. ;)

  5. Your little boys are so cute and yes they are growing. I am now enjoying my grandchildren...so cute and fun. Hugs and enjoy!

  6. SO CUTE! And yes, it goes by so fast... well, not in the crazy mommy day moments, but when you compare photos like this I can't help but cry too! They look a lot alike!

    Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations

  7. Oh these are such sweet pics! Seeing the differences is amazing! Just don't blink or anything, you may miss them growing up into adults or something! Seriously though! It's crazy!


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