Jun 12, 2012

What would your shirt say?

Do you get asked the same questions when approached by strangers? It seems like I always do.

Number one question I get when I'm with the boys is, "Are they twins?" This one always makes me smile seeing how there is a significant height difference. :)

Hubby and I were joking the other day, wouldn't it be funny if you could have a t-shirt made that answered their questions?  (Hypothetically speaking...)

Here's what my shirt would say:

No, they're not twins
Yes, this is my real hair
No, I'm not in High School
He's my husband not my dad
Please don't touch my belly (when pregnant)

Just for fun what would your hypothetical t-shirt say?


  1. i totally get IS THAT UR REAL HAIR?
    its really that long

    yes people u can have long hair without fake weaves.

  2. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me "you've got your hands full" I would have more than enough money to buy a bigger car to have more kids!

    That's a lengthy shirt but seriously I get that ALL the time!

    Other options would be

    Yes, they're mine.
    Yes they're busy.
    No, I wouldn't change it.
    Yes, I do know they grow up way too fast.

  3. Mine would SOOO say,
    "Don't touch my belly."


    "Not everyone wants to hear your liberal opinion. Some of us can think for ourselves."

    "Yes, my hands are full. So is my heart."

    "Yes, some of us still pay with cash."

  4. Haha, how fun. I couldn't resist commenting... :)

    Mine would say
    "yes, I know what causes this!"

    "yes, they are all mine"

    "yes, my hands are full, so please let me finish my grocery shopping"

  5. You are too funny! Okay this is fun, let me see - hmmmm.... my T-shirt would say something like this: Yes, I am too 35. Yes, I do eat. No, I am not having another child. Yes, I get that I am vertically challenged. Can't think of another one. I'm sure I will tonight when I'm in bed or something :o)

  6. he he :) what a fun post. Mine would be "yes, they are mine. i'm older than I look!" people think I'm way too young to have 3 elementary kids. so funny :)

  7. Mine would say:

    No, I'm not pregnant, just fat so stop staring at my belly.

    Why, yes, I would love to have more kids, except I don't have anymore money left to do another IVF cycle.

    Yes, my baby is cute, but please don't touch him with her germy hands.

    Be Kind. Always.

  8. It's been a while since I've been over here, as I've been out of touch with blogging for a while! :)

    Mine would probably be "He's 6'7" because all anyone ever asks me is how tall my husband is! Ha! and then possibly, "No, I'm not 15."


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