Jul 2, 2012

I'm at a loss


So this little man has thrown me for a loop. He has hubby and I scratching our heads. One minute he's sick and the next he's fine and then he's sick again but with something else. In the past two weeks he has had hand foot mouth disease that turned into impetigo, he wouldn't eat for a day and ran a fever, and just last night he threw up twice but then was fine. What in the world? Maybe he senses some of the changes we're going through and is taking some of that stress on? I have no idea.


But this little guy has been doing well. Getting into everything. He also had hand foot mouth disease but only had it for four days and was back to normal! He cracks us up when he goes into his and luke's room and closes the door behind him. We open it and always find him playing on the floor or reading books. He's a lot like his mama with his love for his alone time.


Speaking of boys I am now a writer for Mob Society. If you are a mom of boys go check out the website. It has tons of resources and is full of encouragement. Their post today had me in tears. So good. 

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  1. Your boys are just too adorable. Thanks for introducing me to the MOB Society! Love it!


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